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Joe and Hunter’s Fang Fang Problem


It was worse than we thought. It turns out that Hunter Biden’s drug enslavement, sex addiction, and penchant for Russkie hookers didn’t stop there. It was probably worse than his hinky “big guy” business deals, diamond “gifts,” and unearned Ukrainian paydays. There was a Chinese spy involved. Just like Democrat Eric Swalwell’s Fang Fang.

Hold on, I’ve got to catch my breath.

Be honest: You thought it would be that Putin inserted, so to speak, hookers who would double back and sting the first son.  But those chickens haven’t come home to roost — at least as far as we know. Over to you, FBI.

No. It turns out that the sex slave son of the president, just like his Dad-showering sister, lived for the next conquest that could not satisfy the kinkiest porn fantasies. So, kinky Hunter had a Chinese honey-on-the-side “secretary” who was the wide-open gateway to “billions” of largesse. And, according to Fox News, she was a spy.

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  1. All the while the FBI has been looking for imaginary white supremacists, parents of school children who object to perverted school policies by exercising their 1st Amendment rights and prosecuting innocent citizens who dared to address grievances against the Biden Socialist Agenda.
    The US has become a “sick”parody of a once great Nation.

  2. Not surprising but it’s just more proof the DOJ and every department under the DOJ are completely crooked and probably compromised by China too.

  3. Who you gonna believe the vermin at the FBI or your own lyin eyes?

    Now can we IMPEACH this fake preznit?!?

    Oh noes, it’s Trump who breached all protocol on classified info! Not Hunter-san and the Big Guy!!

  4. I think I read somewhere that some of his hooked orders specified “no yellow”. Maybe he knew that he’d been compromised before…


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