Joe Biden Babbling Incoherently, Tells the World Over 200 Million People Have Died From Covid

14 Comments on Joe Biden Babbling Incoherently, Tells the World Over 200 Million People Have Died From Covid

  1. It’s possible that he’s living in the future at times.

    I’m seeing reports of a rise in unexplained deaths in many states.

    Is it prophetic or just wishful thinking to say that the unvaccinated may well become the sole survivors of this heinous criminal genocide?

  2. Are you calling the President of the United States a liar? That’s mighty close to insurrectionist talk, matey.

  3. Joe’s just announcing the Goals….He needs one of those Giant Thermometers

    like the Red Cross uses at Fundraisers.

  4. He’s a liar – an evil liar.
    He’s not a retard – just plays one for the cameras.
    Eisenhower did it, too, but not to this extent.
    He spreads lies as his master, Satan – the father of all lies, directs.

    He makes it seem that there are no moorings in this tempestuous sea of mendacity.
    His purpose is to keep us off-balance – to impede our ability to unite against the Traitors.
    And it’s working – see how divided we are? Over inflation? Over the jab? Over whether or not we’re even being lied to? Over the dempanic Hoax? Over the Globaloney Warming Hoax?
    They have only to disarm us to send the entire World into a hellish twilight existence that will make Auschwitz a model for every state on Earth.
    We cannot claim we haven’t been warned (see Rima Laibow, for instance).

    mortem tyrannis

    izlamo delenda est …

  5. Ike hardly played an incoherent asshole. He adopted the pose of a kindly grandfather who didnt have to exert himself too much because everything was under control. Of course, when you commanded the largest military campaign in American history, you didnt have to pretend to be a tough guy

    And when he needed to be a bastard to the Dems he sicced that young punk of a VEEP, Richard Nixon, on them. One of the main reason the Eastern establishment hated Nixon .. he kept Ike likeable

  6. The other biggest reason the left hated Nixon (along with Whittaker Chambers) is that he exposed Alger Hiss (one of the left’s golden boys/cause celebre as well as the Rosenbergs) idols as a commie spy, and they never forgave him for that.

  7. Eisenhower would jumble some words, sometimes, to give the effect of not having thought the whole thing out – not playing the fool, of course, but, as you wrote, the kindly grandfather who sometimes forgets.

    I intended NO disparagement of President Eisenhower by a loose (indeed vaporous) comparison to the Usurper Biden.

    izlamo delenda est …

  8. @Tim

    Very well, your clarification is accepted … but only because you finished with “Izlamo delenda est” Anybody who channels Cato The Elder is OK in my book 😉

  9. So much bad stuff has happened since last Nov. 3rd I do not see how the Doofus can finish out his term.

    When the PLA invades Taiwan, the eyes of the world will be on Marble-Mouth. I’d hate to be him.

  10. Plus, he got 81,000,000 votes. Or was it 200,000,000 votes that he got & 81,000,000 died of covid? He’s probably too tired to remember. It’s time for tapioca & a nap. Jill can sort it out.

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