Joe Biden Calls Arizona ‘an Important City’ in 2020 Election

Breitbart: Presumptive Democrat nominee for president Joe Biden told an Arizona TV station he thinks it’s “an important city” in the 2020 election.

“Arizona is very much in play in 2020, so we appreciate you taking some time and talk to the people of our state,” anchor Mark Curtis said.

“Oh, you’re an important city. You guys are going through hell right now, are ya?” Biden responded.

“We really are with the pandemic,” Curtis said.

Biden then said Curtis was “breaking up a little bit” and the candidate was having trouble hearing him.

About six minutes into the appearance, a Biden aide interrupted to say he was asking “the last question.” more

13 Comments on Joe Biden Calls Arizona ‘an Important City’ in 2020 Election

  1. Where’s the goofy sign language dweeb? They’re much more fun to watch than listening to Jackass Joe trip over simple woids while staring into 25 watt light bulb which is evidentally waaay too bright for him!!

  2. Getting his Abe Lincoln look with mask chin.
    I thought he usually hung it on one ear.
    But, every news story on the 2020 election leads with polls saying Jo= Bid=n is leading. He is so far ahead, the Price should just step aside and let him save us all.

  3. Squinty Jackass Joe… Walter’s retarded brother. They found the perfect Useful Idiot to be the face of the party of the Communist Cultural Revolution in America!

  4. My late dad who was born in Bisbee, Arizona disapproves of joey’s stupidity in thinking that Arizona is a city. Maybe joey needs to be booted up the hill to Boot Hill permanently in Tombstone.

  5. Dementia Joe is often misinterpreted by people who don’t know how to interpret what he really means. It’s all there in the …… you know …… the thing. City? State? City-State? It’s just a gaffe. It’s not really an indication of ….. you know …. the thing.

    Only 109 days until the election.

  6. I wonder if he came out of his basement to visit Arizona, 🌵 what would fry quicker an egg on the sidewalk or Joe’s brain? 🤔

  7. Joe’s actually half right! Arizona is a city. There is an Arizona City in Arizona

    It’s just not very important …

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