Joe Biden condemns Trump as unfit for command for pardoning US troops

Yet somehow, Hunter Biden never did a day in the brig for all that cocaine use in the Navy.

American Thinker: Joe Biden, whose own kid somehow managed to avoid arrest and imprisonment for his cocaine habit in the Navy, is out condemning President Trump for pardoning a few military small fry whose draconian sentences didn’t match the “crimes” they were convicted of. more

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  1. I hate double standards that allow privileged skates like Hunter Biden (and John effin Kerry as well) to stay in the Navy after they have been caught using cocaine or any othe illegal drug for that matter. If it had been an enlisted sailor he would ‘ve been busted and and kicked out of the Navy with a less than honorable discharge.

  2. Mr. Trump secured the vote of every able minded soldier past and present with his pardons.
    Mercy and magnanimous gestures are not lost on the grunts and tater peelers.

  3. Because none of the soldiers President Trump pardoned were traitors, sexual misfits and perverts like those the O’Butthole-Biden Mal-administration favored Crazy Joe crazily objects!

  4. Biden will use troops, regardless of casualties, in order to open new markets for his corruption…like all Democrats, he is a liar and cares only about himself …he does not like Hunter , his son Joe had a wife that Hunter bedded, he will disarm us and the Empire will be born…unfortunately, all of the Democrats are Sociopathic..

  5. Bradley Manningshould have been put up against a wall and shot. Instead, he received a slap on his limp wrist which even then Obunghole granted him clemency.

  6. unfit for command?

    well he should know
    he suffered through eights years of the Kenyon being in command

    I wonder how come he never brought that up before in interviews?

  7. OLD MAN

    My VFW outpost was in total agreement with Don! Lat I saw that – BTW we have whisky – was when Ron (not yet president) said if the ROP did not release all hostages UNHAMRED Iran would glow in the dark! The ROP released them all the day Ron took office!


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