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Joe Biden defense of his son’s overseas business deals conflicts with public evidence

Just The News:

During one of the many sharp exchanges at last week’s presidential debate, Joe Biden flat out denied his son Hunter had any business relationship with the Russian oligarch Yelena Baturina, the billionaire wife of the late Moscow mayor.

“Why is it, just out of curiosity, the mayor of Moscow’s wife gave your son three and a half million dollars?” President Trump asked during one flash point.

“That is not true,” Biden answered.

In fact, Biden’s answer directly conflicts with evidence that the U.S. Senate, the FBI and the U.S. Treasury Department have all gathered.

In their most recent investigative report on Ukraine corruption, the Senate Finance and Homeland Security committees disclosed that Suspicious Activity Reports (SAR) that the Treasury Department turned over to Senate investigators show a direct link between Hunter Biden and Baturina. more

5 Comments on Joe Biden defense of his son’s overseas business deals conflicts with public evidence

  1. How astounding that Mr. Biden is a liar
    Albeit, a proven liar

    Would it also be astounding if he were revealed
    as cognitively deficient ?

    There’s more to come.

  2. Last year at this time I thought it was a virtual impossibility that Biden would be the nominee, how could he escape his complicit actions in his son’s scandals with both Ukraine and China. The paper trail was too thorough too documented and too public, but nobody cares. The MSM is silent, and the Senate committees (both Finance and Homeland Security) have done nothing to help the president in exposing such blatant corruption.

    In the next debate, Trump needs to come out firing, he needs to hammer Biden on this issue. He will get no help from the moderators or his so-called allies in Congress. Go after Biden’s record of 50 years in congress and not doing jackshit, go after Obama/Biden spying on his campaign, go after the flip-flopping on fracking, the Green New Deal, his weak-kneed stance on ANTIFA, and defunding the police. And for God’s sake, nail him done on packing the court, ending the Electoral College, and adding new states. Trump needs to do better, it is all up to him.

  3. I’m not going to believe any of this evidence until Robert Woodward and Carl Bernstein publish the results of their thorough investigation of the Osmidgen/Obiden corruption. This will be their first collaboration since Watergate. It won’t be published until both of them are dead and in Hell. It’s going to be a posthumous candidate for the Pulitzer Prize and the discount bin at Costco.


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