Joe Biden: Economy Would Jump If ‘We Just Put All The Women Back To Work’

Breitbart: Democratic Vice President Joe Biden wants American women to get back in the workforce to help boost the economy.


“If we just put all the women back to work, if they were able to afford childcare, we would increase the GDP in America by close to eight tenths of one percent,” he said. “That’s trillions of dollars over the next decade.”

Biden made his remarks during a campaign event for Hillary Clinton at Chatham University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on Tuesday. He pointed out that millions of American women were qualified and educated, but were not participating because of the high cost of child care.

“That’s why women aren’t in the workforce,” he argued.  MORE

20 Comments on Joe Biden: Economy Would Jump If ‘We Just Put All The Women Back To Work’

  1. “If we just put all the women back to work”

    I know Hillary didn’t say it,
    but Trump could make
    a great viral ad (or at least tweet)
    about Dems’ condescending attitude to women
    out of this little gem.

  2. Well, that Madonna skank offered blowjobs to anyone who would vote for Hillary. Is that part of the workforce of which he speaks?

  3. Why don’t all woman go to work in the child care industry? Full employment as they could watch each other’s kids for pay! Add a government subsidy and it 2nd home buying time!

  4. Why all the criticism against Biden? How is he any different than all the other assholes that makeup 99% of Washington DC?

  5. An the l’il chillens, two! We cood double the GSP in a manner of moths, insted aof yearns!
    Think about it? Just force the wymens an l’il chillens into the workfore and they’d have to pay for food and shit, buying stuff and whatnot, so’s the conomy wood take off like a rockit!
    Or we cood just declare everybody a GS-12 an send em a check! Checks don’t not cost money, and we cood deduce the ObamaCare rite out before they get it, so’s they won’t feel the pain. An the taxes, to. The hart don’t wander what the eyes don’t see, as they say.

    See? There ain’t nothing to this govamint shit! It’s easy-peasy!

  6. Biden (or Preznit Ebola, or ______) are NOT stupid. They are evil and despicable.

    STUPID are their supporters who think they will skate on screwing their country and fellow citizens by supporting these traitors.

  7. Yeah come on Ladies! Pop that tittie out your kid’s mouth and get back to work! Don’t you know they have plans for that tax money? Syrians aren’t going to haul their own ass here! Now just drop your kid off with the local illegal I mean undocumented daycare worker and don’t worry about a thing! Joey has your breast I mean back!

  8. “by close to eight tenths of one percent,” he said

    that’s a lot of numbers to say in one sentence, are you sure he said all that?

  9. I suspect that Biden is kind of dumb but he’s very politically astute. From making political points out of his sons death to spouting simplistic statements like this one that appeal to a scary large number of people in country, he’s been around for years, catching and riding the various waves that came through and raising his political power higher each time. He couldn’t quite muster enough juice to take a run at the big seat but I’ll bet after some of the Democrat fiasco (particularly the Bernie Bot movement) I’ll bet he wishes he’d taken a shot at the Queen. Well screw the bastard, with luck he’ll be riding in Reid’s mob supplied Caddy when the brakes mysteriously fail while speeding down Niagara Falls.

  10. Greezy Joe Biden is a classy guy. The pictures prove it.

    He doesn’t grab them by the pussy. No, he grabs them by the waist and grinds his tiny Democrat Party dick against their asses.

  11. Look on the woman’s face: “I need my hands on Biden’s else this old f’n pervert will be grabbing my boobs in about 2 seconds.”

  12. WRT Biden’s comments, WFT is he talking about. Is there anyone in the dimmocrat / communist party that understands any fundamentals about our nation’s economics and finances? All they know is their retarded bankrupt ideology, which has given us $20T in debt, 20% unemployment, stagnant wages, increasing welfare. If the media was objective hilLIARy would get about 10% of the vote. Trump has a plan, evil b*ch will just continue down the same reckless with more charges of racism, sexism, and overrun us big time w third worlders. Wake up America TRUMP 2016

  13. Let me guess. The government will be in charge of all this daycare. No worries, I can’t wait to pick up my little brownshirts at the end of the day.

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