Joe Biden Explains What a Leader Does

Joe Biden ‘tardsplained what a leader does.

“They instill confidence and demonstrate that he or she knows what they’re talking about.”

Within seconds, Biden demonstrated that he doesn’t know WTF he is talking about, and assured us he is not a leader.

14 Comments on Joe Biden Explains What a Leader Does

  1. As a long-time senator and then vice president, Joey has an absolutely stellar record of not knowing what he’s talking about. My favorites are the double-barreled shotgun and the no hint of scandal remarks. Well done, Joey!

  2. My family missed FDR’s speech on the TV because it was Sunday and they were watching Gunsmoke…..

  3. Just Joe being Joe the grinning imbecile with the mental agility of Karl Childers and the personality of a Tourettes-addled, Winnebago man who’s only “talent” is singing Villages commercials and firing shot guns off the back porch!
    Jobs iz a three letter word, count ’em: J-O-B-S

  4. Who told Joe Biden what leaders do? He doesn’t know any, And he can’t read, maybe it was on PBS.

  5. Gee Wally, try to imagine how many tards on the Left are nodding their collective heads saying: “Yeah! Dat’s right man!!

    Too many Beave! Too many!!


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