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Joe Biden Had A Rough Week, Even By Joe Biden Standards

Blue State Conservative:

On a regular basis, we receive comments and feedback from readers questioning the wisdom of not honoring President Joseph R. Biden as that week’s top knucklehead. Our responses generally include some variation of this statement: We could justify Biden being KOTW every week, but we have to change things up a bit. However, there are other weeks in which Biden outdoes himself by putting on such an impressive display of buffoonery that we simply can’t ignore him. Such was the case this week. 

Winner: Joe Biden’s presidency is disintegrating before our eyes, but the president is clueless as ever.

It’s difficult to believe that Joe Biden is still five days short of his first full year in office. He’s inflicted more damage on our country in 51 weeks than most Democratic presidents achieve in an entire term. But as poorly as his first year has gone, and as many bad weeks as Mr. Biden has had, this past week ranks at or near the top when it comes to incompetence and inanity. And it’s all due to his knuckleheadedness.

To properly frame Biden’s ineptitude, we must first detail the laundry list of devastating news which hit him this week, all for which he deserves full credit/blame. On Wednesday we learned that inflation last month reached the highest level in forty years hitting 7%. On Thursday, Senators Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) and Joe Manchin (D-WV) destroyed any hopes of Biden’s dream to abolish the filibuster by dismissing the idea outright. That same day, the Supreme Court shut down his unconstitutional vaccine mandates. And, of course, COVID cases across the country skyrocketed this week in red, blue, and purple states, even though Biden’s promise to “shut down the virus” was a key part of his election campaign. read more

17 Comments on Joe Biden Had A Rough Week, Even By Joe Biden Standards

  1. Funny how nobody’s saying “Obama’s Third Term” anymore. Where’s that dog-eater hiding, anyway? Even that jackal Hillary is waddling cautiously up to the carcass of the Biden administration. This circle of life is getting gruesome. Even Hyena Harris isn’t laughing.

  2. History will forever Shame Biden.
    He should have stayed retired and salvaged the Tiny Microscopic Minuscule atom sized dignity he NEVER HAD.

  3. Joe is a puppet not a president and as such he has the brain of a puppet. Too many people pulling the strings thus much confusion.

  4. “I hope he fails”, in the words of Rush Limbaugh.
    Rush would be saying “I knew he would fail” (and I concur) in regards to this clown.

  5. Anyone who voted for Biden has identified him/her/it as the enemy.

    I felt that anyone who voted for Obama one time but not twice deserved forgiveness. The game is different now. There is zero forgiveness for voting for this lying, corrupt fraud. Why? Because time is running short, and this administration has 3 more years to destroy our beautiful country while our Republican party remains completely neutered and feckless.

  6. His ridiculously embarrassing presiduncy BEGS for comment from all those presitious ‘journalists’ and ethics-flaunting ‘conservatives’ like the smug bitch Liz Cheney and the butt-sniffing Bill Kristol who maintain their ridiculous stance that Orange Man Bad was a dangerous egotist that needed to be contained, yet they say NOTHING about the pants-shitting jackass whose life has been solely about corruption, thievery, and perversion.

  7. As I have said many times before.

    Our country is in the hands of malevolent children.

    If you understand these imbeciles as narcissistic 5 year olds you begin to understand why we are in such trouble.

    Putin & XI, are highly driven focused adults. We are screwed.

  8. Dementia Joe’s Atlanta speech needs to be set to music. It would make a great funeral dirge for the Progressive Dementiacrats. When Governor Elect Stacy Abrams has enough sense to stay away, you know the speech was the death knell of these demented fools. And, there are more rough weeks in store for this fraudulent President* during the next 1,023 days. Let’s go Brandon!


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