Joe Biden Inadvertently Reveals During Disastrous Press Conference Why Handlers Keep Him in the Basement – IOTW Report

Joe Biden Inadvertently Reveals During Disastrous Press Conference Why Handlers Keep Him in the Basement


Joe Biden gave a rare public speech in his home state of Delaware today and afterwards took questions from reporters in what ended up proving to be a disastrous press conference.

Various video clips from the presser showed Biden, the presumptive 2020 Democratic presidential nominee, at times appearing out of sorts and unsure of himself. In one clip, Biden awkwardly admits he was given a list of reporters to call on by his campaign staffers: MORE

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39 Comments on Joe Biden Inadvertently Reveals During Disastrous Press Conference Why Handlers Keep Him in the Basement

  1. He’s better suited to be on SNL than even dream of being President. It’s actually kinda scary.

  2. I find it disturbing that any major political party would put a man clearly entering cognitive decline up for President of the United States. I also find it perversely hilarious that this was the best candidate they could find.

  3. It would be fun if SNL did a skit on pollsters trying to convince America that Sleepy Joe is going to win. Of course they wouldn’t do that, for exactly the same reason.

  4. Approved reporters? Is that to suggest that American some journalists are not neutral and hat they don’t do their best to find the truth and let the American people know?

  5. Sad and pathetic, but look how many people they got wearing masks for no reason. I think 80 percent of Dem voters are in cognitive decline because of oxygen deprivation from masks.

    Somebody should get that old video of Trump waving his hand around, and recycle it as “Trump mocks disabled Presidential candidate”. No, wait, forget I said that. Don’t do it.

  6. Joe just wants a warm cookie and a nice glass of milk. He’s moved beyond those glorious halcyon days when he was yelling at kids to stay off of his lawn and dressing down corn pop.

  7. Polling is an inaccurate junk science. These days it’s used to direct opinions, not reflect them. I don’t believe that the public will forget Biden’s 50 years of bigotry and general incompetence when it comes around to election time. Granted, Democrats will, but they have no principles. America isn’t broken, Democrats are.

  8. If SNL had one shred of testosterone left in their nut sack they would bring Chevy Chase back and roast this retarded hack of a politician……

  9. “A moment of prayer for Joe Biden’s sign language interpreter”—Caleb Hull, winning the internet today

  10. If this gets elected North America will have the 2 stupidest leaders to ever hold office at the same time.

    Astounding that this level of incompetence & corruption can lead nations.

  11. He is proof positive how the liberal dems will endlessly try to manipulate everyone and everything.

    It’s not right to make fun of someone’s personal inabilities….But, they are the ones that offer it up.

  12. The Joe Biden candidacy has NOTHING to do with Joe Biden being the bonafide president, who thinks and acts on his own personal values and beliefs.

    He’s an empty vessel, an empty vessel into which his prog-commie handlers will pour their ideological poison, instructing him what to say and do. They will limit his media coverage and access, and completely control his narrative.

    He is the PERFECT democrat candidate – a mindless, non-thinking lost in the wilderness puppet

  13. @ Stirring
    I don’t think they can control his mouth to say what they want him to say. To much is scrambled in the upper room. So it’s got to be someone else waiting for the right moment? But who? They may be still kicking that around?
    Love to be there and see them look at old creapy Joe and do a face palm as what do we do.
    Get Jill on the phone now.

  14. Sean Hannity had mark Cuban on again yo defend why he is for Biden.
    How the hell did Cuban become a billionaire?
    The closest he will ever come to the Whitehouse was playing President in a Sharknado movie.

  15. If Dopey/Gropey Joe gets replaced before the nomination the voters get to pick his replacement. If he gets replaced after the convention the DNC gets to pick the new candidate. The DNC wouldn’t dare let the Hoi Polloi pick the new candidate because they think they know what’s best. He will get the nomination, get destroyed in the debates and be replaced.

    The DNC will wait until after the debates so that there won’t be time to schedule more debates and the new candidate won’t have to directly face Trump.

    My guess is Hilary again. She’s been laying low so she isn’t a target. The thought is Trump won’t have time to ramp up an opposition to her.

  16. Oh look, this could help Trump. Time for him to say something incredibly fucking stupid on Twitter again to blow the fucking advantage… again.

  17. Democrats will still vote for him and probably some idiot Republican voters as well.
    This article is a prime example of why democrats will vote for him. This quote from probably some damn moslem in Kansas in regards to their democrat governor mandating masks. “That’s our governor. That’s who watches over us, takes care of us, feeds us, loves us,” said Llamas.

  18. Old Racist White Woman….ain’t that the shit?….I live in the middle of everywhere Kansas and they ain’t gonna let me get groceries without a mask….20 miles to one and 14 miles to another….here’s what I’m gonna look like with my mask..… no trains or stagecoaches but there are some banks…and a Pizza Hut….and a Subway….LOLOL….

  19. @Toenex – a last minute, alternative substitute candidate is always a possibility, but that carries it’s own set of risks for the dems. There are a lot of variables that will come into play which will determine which way they proceed.

  20. willysgoatgruff, it’s sad to me that Kansas has an ugly ass democrat woman for governor. Maybe the legislature needs to go back and limit her ugly ass some more.

    Good thing for you though is I’ve seen some police departments commenting that they’re under the impression this will be a civil thing not criminal. More like a business license, so they won’t be enforcing it.

  21. Is it really any surprise that a candidate calls on preferable “reporters”? this is the essence of politics and something the left has done better than conservatives

  22. I amend my previous statement, the calling on friendly reporters is something that the left can do better than the right because most reporters are friendly to them.

  23. By the end of the first debate, I can see him breaking into Little Orphan Annie’s theme song

  24. Stumblefart Joe Biden says that he is “constantly tested” for cognitive decline.

    How’s about the results Joe? Lay your cards on the table.


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