Joe Biden picks Sen. Kamala Harris to be his vice presidential running mate, making her the first black woman on a major ticket


Former Vice President Joe Biden has chosen Sen. Kamala Harris of California to join him on the Democratic ticket, fulfilling his pledge to select a female running mate and making Harris the first Black person ever tapped as the vice presidential nominee of a major party. 

His campaign announced the pick Tuesday afternoon through his webpage. 

Biden’s selection of Harris, 55, lends racial diversity, gender parity and generational breadth to his campaign. It also represents a strategic decision by the 77-year-old former vice president to keep his ticket firmly within the more moderate wing of the Democratic Party. 

“Back when Kamala was Attorney General, she worked closely with Beau,” tweeted Biden, referring to his late son, Beau Biden. “I watched as they took on the big banks, lifted up working people, and protected women and kids from abuse. I was proud then, and I’m proud now to have her as my partner in this campaign.”

The selection came despite a monthslong pressure campaign from leftist factions that wanted Biden to pick a progressive star like Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, and in the final few weeks of the search, concerted lobbying by prominent Democrats on behalf of California Rep. Karen Bass and former Obama national security adviser Susan Rice. 


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  1. A descendant of slave owners as the 2020 VP nominee…. interesting…. wonder how that’s gonna work out LMAO.

    How much in slave reparations has she personally paid to date???

  2. So Politico did actually spill the beans a few weeks ago by accident and published their article announcing it before scrubbing it. Guess they couldn’t convince Michelle. I consider this a total throw away ticket at this point.

  3. This Now confirms that Jojo ‘rabbit’ Beiden will NOT be president.
    thanks for playing Jojo
    ok, ok. move along, move along, nothin to see here.

  4. I pretty much look at this as a sign that the DNC is throwing in the towel. Kameltoa sucked ass as a POTUS candidate, and she’ll still suck ass as a de facto POTUS candidate. Blacks don’t like her because she’s fucked over thousands of them in her prosecutor days. Literally Klobuchar or Warren would’ve been better picks. I think the DNC is saving those two for 2024, when they may have a better chance.

  5. The perfect pick. Identity politics at its best.
    However, now is not the time to ease off. We need to get our side out to vote. Do not let the mail-in shenanigans determine the winner

  6. I just really did not want to hear her damn voice anymore.

    Camel Toe Harris, Too bad you are not allowed to advertise for Joe Camel Cigarettes anymore.

  7. I’ll know she’s serious when she changes her name to Soetoro or Marshall Davis….First DACA kid to ever be vice presidential candidate….

    Her Daddy left the family when she was young and she was mostly raised in a different country. Is this now a requirement to run as a democrat in politics?….

    The best part is she giggles just like a friends ex-wife when she was stoned….cracks me up every time….My friend didn’t appreciate me pointing that out….

  8. Think of all of the great face-lift comments that are in our future here 😀

    Edit – Stupid fingers – it is RogerF

  9. Hopefully, the Media onslaught of propaganda will not succeed in a Biden/ Harris win…but if it comes to pass, be aware, that about 80 million Americans will be nudged, pushed and then shoved into slavery…Slavery to Her Wants, slavery to her Needs, slavery to pay for a million New Imaginings, Slavery conditioned by the evaporation of History, learning, perception of Truth and contact with Reality. All that you hear, see, read and experience will be what is presented to you through the Media and it will be False. Your purpose in life will become a slave to the State and the only way to avoid this is in November and failing that, quick insurrection as time will be on the side of the Left…The Left does not stop plotting for Power, it works in the Halls of Power, it teaches young minds to believe in Nothing, it is ruthless, it will use bio warfare, nuclear and worse and it is vibrating with vile excitement that Power is so near…

  10. When you limit your criteria to:
    1) Black/Brown
    2) Vagina
    3) Communist
    …you do not have a deep field to choose from, people.

    She was horrible CA AG and is a vile person. She will be the de facto president if corrupt, demented slow Joe is chosen in a fit of national suicide. I can only think of a few people who would be worse for the country than this (literal) political whore.

  11. Back when she was California AG we were selling guns at a pretty good clip. We sold custom configurations out of the shop and as a result sold guns to about half a dozen California DOJ employees. Higher up attorney types. The stories they told portray a person that would get a stupid idea in her head and nobody would be able to change her mind. Beyond stubborn and not that smart. A dangerous combo.
    We were selling guns to these guys while the California Gun apocalypse was going on. 21 ridiculous gun bills/laws that had been passed. To a man everyone of the CalDoj employees thought they would be challenged in court and the state would lose big. All those laws are still in effect. Why? Because no one has challenged them. Thanks NRA.

  12. Has anyone else noticed that her voice sounds like she literally always has a nose chock full of snot?

  13. Remember when black equaled African=American
    And JoJo limited his options himself
    Looks like they have California sewed up

  14. Can you imagine what it must be like being a Democrat? Trying to convince yourself that this is an exciting ticket?

    Methinks many a Dem will be crying again this November.

  15. Someone should challenge her right to run for this office. Kalamity Harris is not qualified under the U.S. Constitution to be elected Vice President, or become President when Dementia Joe is removed from office under the Twenty-fifth Amendment to the Constitution.

  16. “making her the first black woman on a major ticket”

    You forgot about Obama.

    Boehnerdict Ryan
    Has anyone else noticed that her voice sounds like she literally always has a nose chock full of snot?

    I believe that is actually semen she has gargled.

  17. @Braden – You forget this is the Democrat party. There is a huge field to pick from, even with the criteria you set out.

  18. Pass the popcorn. This is going to be good. Can’t wait for Trump to assign her a nickname. Will Trump be the one to tell Biden that she is not black? Like in everything else she has ever done, she is a fraud.
    PLUS, I thought he was supposed to pick someone from a battleground state to help swing the vote his way. Guess CA’s more in play than we realize.

  19. Has anybody told Joe that she is a black female senator?…BIDEN: “The only African-American woman that’s ever been elected to the U.S. Senate,” supports me.

    HARRIS: “Nope. That’s not true. The other one is here.”#DemDebate

  20. The selection of Kalamity Harris proves that dementia is contagious. She turned off more Dementiacrat voters than anybody except Spartatookitupthebackpassage. Remember when her money dried up, and she had to make her campaign appearances in front of a sheet? Way to go, Doctor Jill!

  21. OMG she is fertile ground for the Trump campaign. What a gift from the dems.

    Unless…Sleepy Joe bows out before November and a dark horse progressive is named in his place, leaving Camel-face Harris as bridesmaid, never to be the bride.

  22. How come she doesn’t want to be the first Injun (dot not feather) VP candidate?….could it be Joe’s Dunkin’ Donut’s comments?….HA! There is some glorious humor that is about to spew forth!….

  23. @stirrin – No I do not think Joe will bow out before the election, but I do see him getting evicted shortly after that. Or at least, he will become a meaningless puppet for Kamala and the left to use.

  24. Awesome!
    This should CEMENT Trump’s reelection!
    Kamala may be even MORE unlikable than Hillary ever was!

  25. anyone notice the banner under PDT in his press conference that FOX is running?
    “President Trump Holds News Conference After Biden Announces Harris As Running Mate”

    Trump had this presser on his schedule since at least this morning …. he didn’t do it (as fox alludes) because of Biden’s people making an announcement
    F*ck Faux

  26. Joe Pedo juuuuuuuuust couldn’t pull the trigger on a TRUE African-American. WHAT A RACIST!

    My Mom just called her “Heels Up Harris.” 🤣

  27. @RogerF – sorry, but I disagree. Harris is not presidential material no matter who she blows or f**ks to get there. Someone else is in line for the position.

    She’s just there as VP to make good on the initial promise and complete the ticket.

  28. In an attempt to make up for his past Indian slurs, Joe has vowed to cruise all local 7-11’s in his search for cabinet members.

  29. I don’t know whether to give credence to the questions that have been raised in regards to her being a natural born citizen or not but if there is a firm enough basis to put her eligibility in question will anyone have the balls to pursue it?

  30. I hope Joe’s ready to hear her whining all day. Because that’s what she does. Whine and insinuate or straight out call people women haters and racists. Because that’s all she is. A complainer. (okay, yeah, and a whore.)

  31. Big Willie said that Kameltoe Harris liked to be on top when she straddled his little willie now she is on the bottom for crazy joe!

  32. Stinky finger Joe said that a woman’s place was on the bottom of the ticket and was only there to make him a sammich! Harris Embarrass can make a quality tuna fish sammich and even smells like one when she uncrosses her legs!


    Back when Mr. Pinko and Mikey had their show I said on the program that it would be CHLAMYDIA HARRIS and not Joe Biden because he had too much baggage.

    If this holds up I will be correct by default. Ain’t no way Dementia Joe will make it to a presidency or serve if he did.


    Dinner time… Haven’t read the comments yet…

  34. Rather bold of you to assume that he/she/it is a woman. Or “black.” Or “feels” like any of the above….

  35. A couple of things. If she’s as disliked in California as a lot of progs/dems would have you believe during the Dem Primary how will that effect the vote in California? Will Blacks look at her as an Uncle Tom and speed the defection of voters to Trump?
    Also Biden’s line about her working well with his late son Beau could become problamatic as from what I’ve read Beaus was as corrupt as the rest of the Biden family and his death just shut down any more talk of that. Will this bring it back because if there’s a major push to expose Biden using his wife and son’s death in a car accident (caused by the wife) as a political tool as well as his other son Hunter obvious corruption? While the MSM may try their best to bury these issues a good Net campaign could force this all into the open.
    Finally, I’m forced to agree that this will be the actual ticket the Dems run. For a long time I thought they had something up their sleeve which would allow them to run a candidate without Bidens baggage but I seem to have been wrong. That said, I think this will be a major plus for Trump so the GOP had better really start to grind it out for the Senate and the House because of the Dems keep the House and win the Senate Trump will be crippled for his second term.

  36. If they debate I hope Pence slips and refers to her as heels up or Willie’s mattress. It’ll never happen. Pence is too classy, but it would be too funny.

  37. I find it interesting he didn’t pick Rice to protect Hillary, Barack and company upon his demise. The word must be out that there’s no way he can win. Plus, this leaves Rice open to prosecution in the clear.

  38. @Marco AUGUST 11, 2020 AT 5:03 PM
    “Someone should challenge her right to run for this office. Kalamity Harris is not qualified under the U.S. Constitution to be elected Vice President, or become President when Dementia Joe is removed from office under the Twenty-fifth Amendment to the Constitution.”

    Haven’t you heard? The Constitution is null and void. Because Covid.

  39. Marco AUGUST 11, 2020 AT 5:03 PM

    Didn’t stop them with the purple lipped muslim faggot…

    Mystaclean AUGUST 11, 2020 AT 6:21 PM

    So when Pedo joe craps out maybe that means Nancy Piglosi will move up while Chlamydia goes down.

    All wasted thoughts, TRUMP WINS!

  40. I bet Bill Clinton is just praying for a visit to the white house now.

  41. stirrin the pot AUGUST 11, 2020 AT 5:28 PM
    stirrin the pot AUGUST 11, 2020 AT 6:14 PM

    Maybe, if so how about SNS’s Silver Back…

  42. This rancid bitch was among the very worst of the Justice Brett Kavanaugh persecutors. If Ruth Bader Ginsburg dies before the election, she will get to reprise her role as a purveyor of prevarication and scolder in charge of slander. Dementia Joe’s handlers won’t be able to restrain her zest for bitterness.

  43. What does it say about her that she would accept her selection as running mate from a man who she said she believed the sexual assault accusations made against him were true?

    Even more what does it say about him that he would select someone as a running mate who believes you are guilty of sexual assault?

    I would say that it puts the Democrats on defense regarding their sincerity regarding sexual assault.

  44. Kamala said she has never kissed a parrot.

    But she’s kissed a cockatoo.

    Joe said he was going to pick Michelle as his VP, but something didn’t feel right.

  45. In Hollywood they can identify with her. She got her start in Politics the same way most of them got their start in Show Business.

  46. Yet again, the left tries to hoodwink the American people with a commie “person of color” as if Barrack Hussein Obama never happened. Maybe socialism will completely fundamentally transform America this time with the Trojan whore, Come Hither Kamala and Crazy Uncle Joe. The left is determined to destroy this country. Praying they don’t succeed.

  47. This was announced what? 8 hour’s ago, and I’m already sick of this woman, her voice is so irritating. 🙄

  48. Worst Presidential Candidate Joe Biden, worst presidential candidate- chooses The Biggest Funt of them all- KamelToe Hairless.

    You can’t make this shit up.


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