Joe Biden Plans Vice Presidential Library

MFNS – Wilmington Del.- Unnamed sources close to Joe Biden have told MFNS the former VP has decided to build his own Vice Presidential Library in his longtime home District in Delaware. The source told us supporters of Biden convinced him of the need of on honor, he being the historic 2 term VP of the first black President of the United States, and as Biden himself likes to say, “The Cream in the Coffee of the Obama Administration.”  more here

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  1. The most important books Joe will have in that library are his collection of Reader Primers aka See Spot Run, along with his more perverted titles, but I’ll not state those here so BFH won’t get in trouble from the “F’ed Up Book & Twatter” police.

  2. Yet, got to give it to Joe to always try to bring his everyday interpretations to us “Folks”, (cause he is so much more ‘Edumagated’ then us’).
    Trump – Deliverance
    Around the World in Eighty Days – Balloon Knot
    Crystal Gayle – Make your brown-eye Blue
    Texas Chain Saw Massacre – the bad guy, you know him? Joe relates, Leather Cheerio,,,.
    Why and how this POS stills gets talked too?

  3. In the shape of a Dunce Cap, I presume.
    How fitting, since obamination’s not-a-lubrary is shaped like a mausoleum.

  4. And his autobiography will be called Everything I learned on the short bus and the road to the Special Ed (retard) school. And how I spent my summer vacations in backwoods Georgia learning to play the banjo from an inbred mountain kid who was more retarded than me.

  5. Will it house the collective works of every plagiarizer who ever lived? Will the coffee shop have 7-11 with Indian (dot not feather) clerks? Will he remember how to get to it after the ribbon cutting? Will he know to get to it BEFORE the ribbon cutting?

  6. Joe wants a monument to himself? No doubt tax dollars will be swindled for the construction. Install a Port-O-Let and call it a day.

  7. Gee Wally, will it have a balcony out back for skeet-shooting?

    Yeah Beave, it’ll be just outside the sliding door of the “First Clean African-American” room…

  8. It gone be led off by the “O b maas” which I seen on the interwibz.
    Sum funny stuff, their! But no sex-stuff, an no yung grills, neither.

    alas two, my Marbel comix and sum supreme-man and batt-man.

  9. Joey’s prized leather bound collection of TV Guide will comprise most of the Biden Library. Photocopies of Neil Kinnock’s speeches and life as a Socialist/Communist posing as a Labour Party Leader becoming a millionaire off his worthless position with the European Union will occupy the balance of the stacks in the Biden Library. A very small section of the building will contain records of all of his accomplishments as a U.S. Senator and Vice President during the eight years he spent holding Vice President Elect Timothy M. Kaine’s place in line in the likely event that he got to become President after President Elect Hillary Rodham Clinton died during her first term in a Federal Penitentiary. Another small, but permanently sealed, section of the building will contain copies of what he really thought of John McCain’s collaboration with the Democrat Party.

  10. Prized items in the book collection:

    The Golden Book of Hair Plugs (first edition)
    Introduction to Pediatric Massage Therapy
    How to Influence People Even If They Won’t Be Friends
    Super Bands of the 60s: Maybe Grope
    Winning Tic-Tac-Toe Strategies

  11. When Joe was Veep, they gave him special paper and crayons that don’t mark the furniture when he wrote off the page.
    But at his lie-berry, writing on the walls and furniture is OK!

  12. They should play the speech he gave ay my college commencement (U of Delaware ’78) on a loop in the ‘Insomnia Room’. Guaranteed to put anyone into a deep sleep.


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