Joe Biden PSA

Learn to recognize the signs and help stop elder abuse.

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  1. My older brother has a type of dementia that caused him to deteriorate very rapidly. It has been hard to watch him go from walking the dog to bedridden in a year. Having said that, I know it when I see it, and Biden definitely has it, and yes, it’s abusive what is being done to him. He may have been a horrible person, but that doesn’t excuse this.

  2. Joe Biden tip:

    “Make sure your nurse wipes from the front towards the back or shes a dog faced pony soldier. Got that sport!”

  3. “agressiveness”


    C’mon, man. I expect that stuff in his tweets, but not in his ads.

  4. “How the Hell do these things fit on the record player? The brown tapey stuff keeps coming out!”


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