Joe Biden Says Jill Kicked Him Out of the Bedroom For Dropping Free College From His Spending Bill

Yeah, THAT’S why. *eye roll*

Gateway Pundit: Joe Biden on Thursday night participated in a CNN town hall event in Baltimore with Anderson Cooper as the moderator.

Biden rambled, whispered and lied about his $3.5 trillion spending bill.

Joe Biden was asked how Jill responded when she found out free community college was dropped from his plan.Weirdo Biden said Jill made him sleep in the dog house. more

22 Comments on Joe Biden Says Jill Kicked Him Out of the Bedroom For Dropping Free College From His Spending Bill

  1. Did you see him put his fists on the invisible podium? Intense stuff. I’m not sure if they need to dial back the dosage or increase it.

  2. No man that won’t fuck America as hard and violently as I want will be allowed to fuck ME.

  3. Silly Woman, even though IMO, she dresses like a teenage slut, she should know that she’s too old to be his type anymore.

  4. Wild Bill
    OCTOBER 22, 2021 AT 12:48 PM
    “Joe couldn’t get it up even with a bag of boner pills (and a crane)!”

    That’s why he fucks us the same way Barry did.

    With a pen.

  5. Joeseph, how many times do I have to tell you, Peeing in the bed does not make it a water bed!

  6. That whore didn’t kick anyone put of the bedroom.

    Biden’s impotent.

    Ya, whore… isn’t that what you call a married woman who cheats on her first husband with what would become her second… I said it.. whore.

  7. Anonymous OCTOBER 22, 2021 AT 2:31 PM
    “She’s the kind of woman that wears an ankle bracelet, but under her panty hose.”

    When I was in high school a thousand years ago, I remember this one girl coming in dressed to the nines in a real nice skirted outfit, sexy shoes, and a REALLY nice pair of legs wrapped in nylon to hold it all up.

    She was FINE to look at, until you looked close, like all us guys did.

    And saw that she had pulled the nylons on over very hairy legs with very dark hair.

    The way they curled and gave the hose texture was reminicent of ringworms just below the surface. Thousands and thousands of ringworms.

    Few things cure a teenage boner, but this sure did the trick.

    Here it is decades later, and it still grosses me out.

    Seems like something that’s just about Jill’s speed, but with varicose veins instead of hair…

  8. If I were the husk(thank God I’m not)I would sleep in the doghouse every night. Pretty sure the good doctor smells like a barrel of rotting fish out in the sun. Crude, I know. Most 70 year old women don’t normally dress like young hookers, though. Though she certainly looks the part, except when she wears those frumpy dresses that look like my grandmother’s curtains.

  9. “Jill Kicked Him Out of the Bedroom For Dropping Free College From His Spending Bill”

    Oh, come on. Some staffer wrote that for him to sound cute.

    In reality, she was fed up with his snoring, farting, drooling, thrashing, talking in his sleep and occasionally shitting the bed.

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