Joe Biden Takes a Knee in Delaware: ‘I Will Help Lead This Conversation’ on Country’s ‘Pain’

Which country? Does he know?

Breitbart: Joe Biden says he will “help lead this conversation” about the “protests” being launched across America.

Biden, the presumptive Democrat nominee, shared on Twitter a photo of his visit to downtown Wilmington, Delaware, where rioters destroyed businesses on Saturday night.

“We are a nation in pain right now, but we must not allow this pain to destroy us,” he wrote.

“As President, I will help lead this conversation — and more importantly, I will listen, just as I did today visiting the site of last night’s protests in Wilmington.” more

24 Comments on Joe Biden Takes a Knee in Delaware: ‘I Will Help Lead This Conversation’ on Country’s ‘Pain’

  1. He couldn’t have chosen a worse visual. He probably thought he was channeling Colin Kaperneck but instead channeled the MPD.

    Trump has to be paying him. I can’t believe the Democrats would have set someone that stupid to be their nominee.

  2. absolute pathetic pandering … which he is very, very good at, btw

    (hey, we all gotta be good at something … give credit where credit is due, grandma always said)

    @RadioMattM ~ great observation & a great meme … ‘PDT’s got to be paying this guy to run against him; nobody’s that stupid on purpose’ … bwaaaaaaaaaahahaha

  3. I have long said that Biden’s job was to drive the young (and socialist) whippersnappers out of the race just to be replaced at the last minute by the DNC’ s candidate of choice.

  4. It’s especially good to see that they color coordinate his facemask with his suit colors….image is everything when you babble like a brook….

  5. DNC’s censor board is slipping up far too often for this to be accidental. Who in their right mind would place a white candidate looking at a black citizen across a line of police tape? Whites on the right, blacks on the left. Seriously, WHO THOUGHT THIS WAS A GOOD IDEA?
    I’m not all that smart and my eyes are failing, but I see that much. WTF? And I’m not even a Biden supporter.

  6. how could I miss it?!?! … Joe Biden couldn’t lead a conversation about pouring milk into a cereal bowl, inflating a tire, tying one’s shoes, licking the wallpaper … well, maybe licking the wallpaper

    frankly, Joe Biden couldn’t lead a conversation about …. anything!!!

  7. Poor Joe Biden. WAY past his pull date. He has no idea how effin silly he looks with that stupid mask. A leader? Oh gawd, hell no. As a follower he’s as desperate as they get. Hopeless. Zero potential. He is no longer able give the cab driver directions to his own house a mile away. How do the demo communists think Biden can lead a country?

  8. The black dude (who is wearing the mask under his nose. lol) looks like a small scared child with his hands out for food while being overshadowed by a rich white man.

  9. Jim Crow Joe to lead us out of a democrat created problem. Like throwing gasoline on a fire to put it out.

  10. Kamala Harris followed his lead, and droped on her knees. She had to be contained from opening the nearest man’s zipper.

  11. This buildup to the Reparations pitch is excruciating. Just say it, Joe. We know it’s coming.

  12. I’d like to see a photo or video of him trying to stand up from that squat.
    I’m also curious as to what symbols are on the fancy socks he’s sportin’

  13. Well, of course Joe takes a knee!
    The lower to the ground you are the closer you are to kids, which makes it all the easier to sniff and grope ’em. 👌

  14. I’ll remind everyone that beyond Joe being incompetent, demented, and perverted, he is also utterly corrupt.

    To vote for him is to ignore his corruption with the Russia, China, and Iran.

  15. “It’s tragic what they did to this Zimmerman fellow” stated Biden. “Having your life extinguished by a hairy leg when all you wanted to do was sniff the hair and drink a corn pop”. “You ain’t black if you don’t loot Target. Now, where’s some of that pepper spray, I want to put some on my wife’s taco”.

  16. The only thing Joe is leading, is the Dems straight off the cliff.

    I’m convinced his wife has a big fu*king insurance policy on him she’ll cash in on post election. No loving wife would allow her husband to be humiliated to this extent.

  17. Sorry Joe if I don’t think you could lead the conversation on this. You and the black Jesus had eight years to do something about this and you did nothing but escalate the racial problems in the country.

    Black lives are lost every weekend in Chicago and other Democrat cities. Obama came from Chicago and what did he ever do for those black lives? Not a damn thing because those black lives being lost don’t get you votes.

    And Joe you’ve been in Congress and Government for over 40 years so if you couldn’t get anything done then you sure as hell aren’t going to get anything done now in your current state of mental decline.

  18. ^^^ Take it one step further… the Left is now using Jackass Joe to gang up on the only man who’s given minorities a real shot at jobs, productivity and advancement!
    Their goal now is to take all those accomplishments away! If I were a minority, that’s what I would be the most pissed about!!
    Talk about HYPOCRISY!!

  19. We know who brought the pain, and why, bitch.
    Too fucking bad; voting for Trump again.
    In your face, suckah!


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