Joe Biden Thrilled That Whites Will Be a Minority in the U.S. in 2017

Forget that Slow Joe is wrong about his assertion. We’ll stipulate that his asinine statistic is correct. Why does this cause him to say, “and that’s a good thing”?

Why couldn’t it just be what it is, happening organically, no orchestration, and without any editorialization?

Obama Gun Control

Why is it something to be celebrated? People are just people, no? We’re supposed to be colorblind, no? Why cheerlead the decline of a skin color?

He says this is one of our strengths. How so? Why?


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25 Comments on Joe Biden Thrilled That Whites Will Be a Minority in the U.S. in 2017

  1. Joe, it’s time for your meds.
    Just take them, stick your dummy in your mouth, and get in your crib.

  2. Whites will never be a minority unless the abortion genocide of blacks stops. The left keeps pushing the slaughter because they want fewer minorities.

  3. Joe Biden is probably the only reason Obama’s still around.

    Best assassination insurance that taxpayer money could buy.


  4. In all his years in government, his entire adult life spent on the public teat, has he ever made any sense? Ever? He’s a fooken toady.

  5. “Hey joe

    where ya goin with that Bong in your hand

    goin down to congress

    and say some shit that no one understands

  6. Alternate lyric

    Hey joe

    where ya goin with that gun in Your hand

    goin down to shoot 0webama

    caught em messin around messin around with yet another man

  7. Biden is a schmuck. A criminal. And it’s truly amazing that he remembers to breath when he awakens every morning.

  8. ‘Till my dying day I will always remember Joe Biden as the scoundrel who, along with the drunk, Ted Kennedy, destroyed Robert Bork and attempted to lynch Clarence Thomas.

  9. So, then we’ll be *getting* free shit from the blacks and mexicans, rather than paying for their free shit?

    There will be Affirmative Action, putting heterosexual white men in government jobs, too?


  10. If all of our white women who killed their unborn babies over the last fifty years hadn’t, then we wouldn’t be a minority. And don’t forget the bullshit nuclear family (1-2 kids) and its popularity, mostly because too many women just didn’t want to be stay at home moms. In a way, we deserve to be a minority.

  11. Biden and the other idiots are happy about tearing down America for the caliphate.
    Stupid bastards, they can’t see that any promise from moslems about not lopping off their infidel heads because they are special some how is just pure islamic goat shit.

    “Endless stream of refugees”

    They slit their own throats when they weaken national security.

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