Joe Biden – Walter Sh*tty- Strikes AGAIN! – IOTW Report

Joe Biden – Walter Sh*tty- Strikes AGAIN!

This time, Joe, the demented circus monkey, says he went to Israel to act as a liaison between Golda Meir and the Egyptians during the 6 Day War.

He met with Meir, six YEARS after the Six Year War.

What a dope.

What an embarrassment.


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  1. Somebody fell asleep at the circus music switch. Gotta be quicker than that, handlers. Joe’s dazzling brain twisters pop up faster than a Summer thunderstorm.

  2. I swear Joe will one day tell us he knew the Captain aboard the Mayflower and personally helped pilot the ship.
    After that, he posed for the artist sculpting the George Floyd statue.

  3. I doubt Joe even met with Meir during the Yom Kippur war. He was a 9 month in freshman senator at the time. No one needed is advice on jack shit, just like now, unless bribes were the subject.

  4. By my research Gold Meier was Israeli Prime minister 1969- 1974. Biden was the Junior Senator from Delaware starting in 1972. 6 Day War was June 1967; What the F*#k is this idiot talking about !?!

  5. Wonder if his favorite James Taylor song is In My Mind I’m Going To….You Know, The Thing.

    I can only imagine how big the fish he caught were back in the late 1800’s when he first went to the Senate.

  6. Reliving old daydreams via senility and the ever loving fake media who cannot speak of such things. Bless his old lying heart.

  7. And he signed the Declaration of Independence last week in Crayon.

    Just wait until the Curator of the National Archives Building finds out…

  8. 6 Israel leaders before Joey B even became a senator. He knew them all? I am not going to say he didn’t, but …

  9. Yeah. He got 81 million votes or something.

    Did he tell you the time he advised Benjamin Franklin to get out of that lightning storm with the kite?

    Or the time he tried to throw his body between Lee Harvey Oswald and JFK.

    Or the time he helped raise the flag on Iwo Jima?

    Or how he helped kill John Wilkes Booth in his escape from DC?

    Good God.

    He did help develop the French tickler, though. Fo Realz.

  10. Give him a break. Sometimes Commanders in Chief get their wars confused. Its not their job to keep track of wars

    Happened to Eisenhower .. he confused Korea and WWII all the time

  11. Most people with dementia who lived HONEST lives will blurt out TRUTHS from their past occasionally. My Mom did. Some of her memories from her young childhood were remarkably accurate (she lived to 100).
    Slojoe lived a life of lies and deceit, so everything that pops out of his dementia eroded brain is just his recollection of a lie he repeatedly told years ago.

  12. It seems to me that the husk is not really 79 years old. He is older than Methuselah, considering all of the truly amazing things that he has done in his time. I used to run into him when I was starting out as an electrician, he was a lead man on numerous job sites.

  13. The Joe Biden creepo is a known and longtime race supremacist, segregation-supporter, chronic liar, rapist, seks predator, and pedophile. Don’t believe it? Do the search and not on google which slyly scrubs and removes.

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