Joe Biden Will Be Skipping Wisconsin — Just Like Hillary

Federalist- Democrat National Convention officials announced Wednesday that Joe Biden has decided to skip out on the Milwaukee convention next week due to the Wuhan coronavirus. Instead, Biden will accept his party’s nomination in his home state of Delaware.

In a statement, DNC chair, Tom Perez, affirmed:

From the very beginning of this pandemic, we put the health and safety of the American people first. We followed the science, listened to the doctors and public health experts, and we continued making adjustments to our plans in order to protect lives. That’s the kind of steady and responsible leadership America deserves. 

Wisconsin is a key battleground state in the upcoming 2020 election, with the most recent polling showing it is a toss-up. In 2016, Hillary Clinton lost in Wisconsin by less than one point (46.5 to 47.2%).  While Hillary never visited Wisconsin during her campaign, candidate Trump visited six times. In the final weeks of the election, Hillary’s husband, Bill Clinton, known for his sharp political instincts, warned his wife and her campaign manager, Robbie Mook, that she needed to spend more time in the rust belt, particularly Wisconsin. Mook cited polling data showing Wisconsin safe by as much as nine points, and the fateful decision was made. more

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  1. Maybe someone in the campaign should check and see if he got the memo.

    Maybe someone in the campaign should read the memo to him.

    Maybe someone in the campaign should ask him if he understands the memo…

    Oh WTF cares!

  2. Hey Joe, Bernie campaigned for Hillary in Wisconsin. Maybe you can send him there to pick up your trophy for you. You do remember Bernie, right? C’mon, man. He was the other old guy onstage with you. Ask your wife.

  3. “…and we continued making adjustments to our plans in order to protect lives. That’s the kind of steady and responsible leadership America deserves.” ~Tom Perez

    Proof that at least one Communist Democrat has a sense of humor. Twisted, but at least it’s there.

  4. Isn’t Wisconsin next to Vermont or Maine or….. you know…..the rest of those Southern States? Please don’t worry, Dementia Joe has Doctor Jill explaining why he can’t have a Big F’ing Deal in Minneapolis since it’s no longer in…, you know…..all cities were created equally. Will the pet geese be invited to the big teleprompter event? Humper and the kids? How about Bernie and Beto? That elusive Black Colored Woman?

  5. I find it amusing that Milwaukee was ditched by the DNC.

    This says a lot about the faith they have in this election.
    Stick a fork in Joe, he’s done. Do the debates and get it over with. Take your beatings like a man and not a bunch of little bitches.

  6. mickey moussaoui:

    There will be no debates. No live events longer than 2 minutes, if at all.

    The Biden campaign will have spliced video segments snippets for ads.

    That is assuming he does not have an accident or die of CV-19 in the next month or two. They are looking for someone to fill his placeholder status.

  7. It’s 50/50 that Joe will make some sort of stop in Wisconsin. Unfortunately, it’s because he was looking for the bathroom in his home in Delaware and got lost. And it won’t be for long – Joe will probably only have enough time to do 25 push-ups and grope a couple of women.

  8. Joe’s latest statement:
    “Latinos have diversity of thought unlike black people who all think alike.”
    Rhetorical question—how is this not racist? Come on, man!

  9. Thank the Lord we don’t have to put up with him.
    BTW, the convention is all but scrapped. What about the riots???

  10. Wisconsin…70s. “Privileged” American playing concerts with show bands.

    Wisconsin…Always a travel-through when on the concert road to Michigan, IL, Minn. Great Lakes area…but only drove through Wisconsin every time.

    Met and talked with many in Wisconsin. Stayed overnight once on the long travel to Waterloo, Iowa (with their beautiful women).

    What a pleasant drive in my 1970 Mustang.

    I will never forget.

    Stopping off the road as if a voice was calling from the distant Wisconsin hills, sleeping still and silent.

    Never bypass Wisconsin. There is a dream hidden there. Just stop some day and listen.


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