Joe Biden, You Got Served!

*language warning: Americans will no longer stay silent.

h/t Doc.

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  1. She’s exactly why his shit will go down in flames. There’s a nurse shortage now. No young nurse wants to potentially become sterile. Biden deserves to be served across a net. The stupid fuck.

  2. Let’s see what happens when the people who actually get things done aren’t working because of Joe Stalinwannabe’s edict walk off – and nothing gets done.

  3. Biden is pymping out Americans like the way he pimps out his crakhead son Hunter!
    Fuck Joseph Stolen, the democRAT party operatives who enable him and his so-called 81 million imaginary “Voters”

  4. He wants us to walk off.
    He wants to destroy the economy.
    His outrages are quite calculated – which proves there’s someone else doing the planning.
    He wants to destroy America.
    In fact, he’s doing a pretty neat job of it.

    izlamo delenda est …

  5. @tim. You are so right. But this isn’t even an Obama or a Susan Rice. Definitely not Moron Biden. They are all low level tools in creating this evil. It’s Soros or Xi or maybe both. They don’t care who or how many die. There is no value to human life except as a commodity to use to create their perverted idea of the way the world ought to be. Disposable all. The US constitution idea based on freedom to pursue life and liberty must be totally destroyed.

  6. I had enough on September 7. I pulled my child from school and we homeschool. Without masks. They tried to offer a ‘medical’ exemption, I said no. I’m done.
    My husband’s client called to tell him her vaxxed college daughter has covid. We laughed and took our vitamin D/quercetin/zinc pack with a swig of ivermectin infused iced tea. Life goes on.

  7. Harumpf!!!!

    I wonder if anyone will ask Biden’s lying mouthpiece (Psaki) how having 99 employees doesn’t require vaccination (which must mean that they are not in danger), but adding one more person makes it necessary for all employees to be vaccinated?

  8. Hospitals and nursing homes are in trouble in Maine. General Mills commanded that all health care workers get vaxxed. What happened?
    2000 of them immediately filed a lawsuit.
    Then she offered the facilities money to recruit. Recruit who?
    It’s not going to fly, this vax everyone or else command.
    Obiden and the blue guvs can pound sand.

  9. @ DavidW
    Same way the virus knows not to attack you while you’re eating next to other people in a restaurant, but it does attack you when you walk through the restaurant.
    Logic, reason and critical thinking are all things that elude these people.

  10. God bless this woman and her will to fight.

    You all should see what I’ve been up to lately. I’m singing like a canary! Ain’t that right some you out there in the Jerry “Curls” Manderin loop. LOL!

  11. Rumor is that the staff at our local hospital here are walking out due to the mandates. Texas is already shutting down hospitals. A PA that I use to go to predicted that the medical segment would eventually collapse. I remember this vividly because he said it during the Obama healthcare fiasco. He moved on to other endeavors a couple of weeks ago, he saw it coming.


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