Joe Biden’s Approval Rating Languishes at Dismal 36% in New Trafalgar Poll – IOTW Report

Joe Biden’s Approval Rating Languishes at Dismal 36% in New Trafalgar Poll

BLP: A Trafalgar poll published on Wednesday reveals that President Joe Biden has a disastrous approval rating of 36%, with the American public turning against the establishment Democrat in decisive fashion. An overwhelming 59% of American disapprove of Biden’s “leadership.”

Negative sentiment towards Biden is weighed towards strong feeling, while Biden’s meager actual approval is more weak. 18% of Americans strongly approve of Biden, whereas an equal 18% merely “approve.” In contrast, 52% of Americans “strongly disapprove” of the Biden garbage dumpster fire of a presidency, with 6.9% merely disapproving. more here

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  1. I don’t believe the polls, I think his approval rating is down into the teens…if even that. We’re moving along on 4 flat tires.

  2. …Still 100% with ME, so when I get done taking 3/5ths of that 59% disapproval and add that 34% to his 36%, he ends up with a 70% APPROVAL rating, so you lose a fair *giggle* count once more, my chumps…

  3. The real approval rating is in the teens and they think we believe it’s as high as 36%.

    Personally, I think it’s in the negatives.

  4. Not that you can believe any polls but believe that Trump’s numbers were from 34 to 49 approval. So you could say his numbers were a disaster at times also.

    If you polled the commenters here back then he would have probably gotten 90% plus approval job ratings.

    So some people approve of a demented puppet that is an embarrassment and taking this country to disaster?
    But then how many are lining up for the booster shots…?

  5. Joe and team is not the least bit worried about his poll numbers because he knows our elections are not going to be repaired anytime soon.

  6. I actually believe the 36% approval number – because there are that many ignorant, brainwashed, apathetic people in this country. In fact, I’m surprised it’s not higher. That is a very good sign that it’s not.

  7. @CrazyLady ❤️45 – “…The 81 million idiots that voted for him must be so proud…”

    No, actually the 40.5 million idiots who voted for him him feel DOUBLY proud.

  8. It doesn’t matter. His poll ratings could be zero: we’ve got to get rid of the swamp, and that means ALL swamp Republicans.

  9. The other side made it THEIR MISSION to get Donald Trump out of power – Russia/Collusion, 2 impeachments, LIE after LIE about Trump in the media.
    The moment the people rose up for the truth on Jan 6th that had to be marked in history as an “INSURRECTION”.
    President Trump received THE MOST VOTES out of every sitting President in history (including Obama) and they had to do everything they could (ILLEGALLY) to get him out of office and put their puppet in.
    And now we have a brain dead, dementia patient in the White House and we just sit on our asses and watch the shit show.
    2022 Republicans take over the house is still not going to fix this country.
    If there is anyone (Republican or Democrat) but Trump in the White House January 2025 this nation is officially over. The Deep State has won.

  10. These polls all sample at least 66% Democrat. Everyone of them. That’s why they’re all way off at election time. His numbers are factually below 20%.
    Last week I followed a car into the parking lot of our grocery store with a Let’s Go Brandon sticker on the window. Driving it was a young woman with a baby. As we both got out I told her I loved her sticker. She responded she gets sicker and more concerned everyday. She went on to say that she just didn’t know what kind of country we were leaving our children. I hope that concern catches on with young people. I personally don’t see the country surviving with these ass holes at the helm until 2024. Something needs to be done.

  11. And a president with an approval rating of zero is still called… President.

    What prep rally do they poll for these bullshit, mean nothing, do nothing metrics anyway?

  12. No sentient creature could approve of the Retarded Usurper Joey Biden’s mal-administration.
    Even the maggots stealing from the taxpayers (hanging onto Joey’s coattails) knows Joey’s a waste.
    They are amazed that they’ve pulled this perfidy off (as well as some others) and that America hasn’t killed them, yet.
    Wobbles the mind.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

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