JOE BIDEN’S JUNE 2020: (An Analysis)

It was spectacular!

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  1. I’m anti-masks, and I’m tuned into to those wearing one. I watch their habits of constantly touching the front of their diseased mask, then touch their face and even their nose with their hand. WTF! Good video showing what a hypocrite Joe is. Quit making excuses for this guy, and it’s embarrassing to watch him struggle to make any sense. He’s not the only one mentally ill – those supporting him are just as nuts!

  2. June was interesting, July will be eye-opening, August will be jaw-dropping, September will be awe-inspiring, October will be truly pathetic (for Joe) and November will be sublime after Trump crushes him.

  3. The Demoncraps will somehow get a replacement for him before November. Maybe engineer a stroke or serious or even fatal heart attack. It’ll be their October surprise.

    Surely even the most idiotic among them will see that he can’t win.

    During debates, President Trump should ask Joe what his position is on the rights of the very elderly and senile members of the population.

    Trump: Joe, should senile folks be allowed to run for President, or should there be a constitutional amendment forbidding it?

  4. @Answerman

    He’s getting better as a candidate as an inmate in a home for the seriously senile.

  5. Dementia Joe Obiden Bama’s handlers considers any month that they get away with hiding this stumbling, bumbling, idjit until they can come up with an excuse not to hold the debates to be a spectacular accomplishment. Can they continue to pull off the greatest political legerdemain in American history? That’s the real challenge.

  6. I could tell by the vacuous smile, the glazed look in her eyes, and the shaking of her head, she’s phfuuuut, poooot, pooooot, one helluva doctor.

  7. I haven’t heard a peep out of Bernie for awhile. I think he’s staying out of sight because just about anything he can possibly say will link him to the antifa scumbags.

    I think the violence is a little too scary for him. He could end up being a modern day Robespierre.

  8. seriously? what an obnoxious twit … & I don’t mean Biden

    never thought that anyone could make assclown perv Biden look sympathetic without actually trying really, really hard. I understand his points, but by the time this was over I wanted to punch the narrator in his pie hole

    …. maybe I’m just in an intolerable mood tonight ………… naaaaaaaaaah

    … maybe it’s his delivery?

  9. Whether biden is sharp as a tack or dumb as a rock is irrelevant.

    We know what will happen if he is elected.

  10. That thumbnail image though…

    Thanks for the nightmares, MJA. ☠☠☠


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