Joe Biden’s Niece Avoids Jail After Pleading Guilty to Stealing $100,000 with Borrowed Credit Card


Caroline Biden, 30, took a plea deal at the Manhattan Supreme Court in New York City and pleaded guilty to stealing $110,810 with a borrowed credit card to go on a shopping spree, the New York Post reported.

In exchange for a guilty plea, a judge sentenced Caroline to two years probation under the condition that she stay out of trouble and pay back the money she stole.

Her attorneys declined to comment on the plea.

Biden’s niece asked to borrow a credit card from the unnamed victim so she could make a $672 purchase.

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25 Comments on Joe Biden’s Niece Avoids Jail After Pleading Guilty to Stealing $100,000 with Borrowed Credit Card

  1. Hey, the Federal Government (Congress) has overspent $19 Trillion dollars on the taxpayer’s credit card. No court, no judgement, no convictions and the future generations of taxpayers get the bill.
    Now tell me that’s right.

  2. Gee I wonder what the in-named “friend” got in return for loaning this skank his credit card ? And is it just me, or does she bear a striking resemblance to mouldy locks?

  3. @Tony R June 11, 2017 at 10:31 am

    The “friend” was already expecting US$700 as a “tip.” You know the only reason she was charged was because she decided to help herself to a little sumpin’ sumpin’ (the card did not top out when over US100,000 was added). The “friend” complained. And princess just rolled her eyes at the rocket surgeon who felt that handing a credit card with a limit over US100,000 to someone to go on a US$700 shopping trip was too expensive a “life lesson.” For a rocket surgeon betterest enough to have a credit card with a limit over US100,000. Rich bitch (gender free) problems.

  4. Another example of connected selective justice. If a poor kid (black or white) “borrowed” a credit card and rang up %5000 bucks they’d be doing time. Maybe not much, but some nonetheless. I wonder how many phone calls Biden had to make before getting this fix in.

  5. she has/had a drug habit.
    not known is whether the 110,000.00 tab included bogus prescriptions from the pharmacy.

    do tell msm.

  6. She was just careless and misunderstood when she maxed out the credit card.
    The democrat elite often misunderstand and become careless when it comes to finances.
    That’s why we are $19 Trillion dollars in debt.

  7. CB – “But you’re honor, I’m a Democrat. Oh and Uncle Jose sends hugs”

    Judge – “Fine upstanding gal such as yourself has learned a valuable lesson here. Case dismissed. Oh just remember to tell Uncle Joe he owes me one. A cushy Federal gig will do just fine.”

  8. She thought it was her EBT card and that nobody’d complain.

    Maybe she hoped they’d think she was a mexican …

    izlamo delenda est …

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