Joe Biden’s yuck factor

joe biden perv

MichelleMalkin- Next week, as rumors swirl of his possible entry into the 2016 presidential race, Vice President Joe Biden will appear on liberal comedian Stephen Colbert’s new late-night CBS show. The host is a professional clown. The VIP guest is a political clown with more baggage than the Kardashians during Paris fashion week.

Setting aside the past plagiarism, fabulism, K Street cronyism, chronic gaffes and the stagnant aroma of 4-decades-old Beltway entrenchment, though, Biden’s two biggest cultural liabilities currently on the table (and everywhere else) are his grabby paws: Groper One and Groper Two.

Seriously, those two troublesome tentacles need to be wrapped in yellow caution tape and stamped with a trigger warning. Joe’s yuck factor is no joke.  more

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  1. Why didn’t Kerry throw-in Biden when he made his deal with Iran? “Look guys, I have this slightly used moron that will get y’all out of the spotlight while you prepare to destroy the world!”

  2. If idiot Joe ever became President (God forbid) we’d just go from the Doper to the Groper. Either way we’ve lost. Don’t the democraps have anyone who’s not a stoner, traitor or groper to run for the highest office in the land. You’d think that at some point that the lofos would get it except that the lamestream media always promotes the lowest common denominator, untrustworthy candidates to run for President. The democrap party is the party of morons and fellow travelers. since 1964.

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