Joe has always been an asshole

It will never stop being hilarious that people voted for that asshole Joe Biden because they thought he would usher in a return to civility and unity.

How stupid do you have to be to have believed that bastard’s “Restore the Soul of America” BS?

And now those voters who thought they elected an amiable, kindhearted grandpa are reacting in mystified disgust that Joe Biden went down to Georgia and spewed the most vitriolic, divisive, angry speech ever made by a sitting President.

Was half the country in a coma from 1973 until 2020?

Joe Biden has always been an asshole. This isn’t new, guys.

Joe’s nasty, vicious, mean-spirited rhetoric on Tuesday didn’t just spring up out of nowhere. And it isn’t because dementia is turning his brain into rice pudding.

Joe has always been a hot-headed asshole who deploys unbelievably over-the-top attacks on his political enemies.

Where the hell have you been?

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  1. Being an asshole is the least of his issues. He is a half whit, racist, child molesting, corrupt, compromised POS. Let’s Go Brandon!

  2. He has always been a mental midget as well.

    Look up the Clarence Thomas confirmation hearing
    in 1991 when Senator Joe was chairman of the
    Senate Judiciary Commitee

    Look it up
    He was an incredible stupid ass then
    and he’s become more retarded since

  3. Yep! He’s always been an Asshole, only now he’s an Asshole with dimentia, meaning fewer inhibitions and that makes him very dangerous!

  4. Joe Biden is now and always been a spiteful, disgusting, money-grubbing, glory-grabbing, stupid, lying, sack of shit. He has made bank by flogging the memories of dead family members; his track record is public knowledge.

  5. It’s timely that Hawwy Weed is getting plugged into his hole in the ground this week.
    Asshole JoeBiden needs the same treatment that ended the NV lifelong corrupt creeps ‘career’: that is facial trauma, hurried exit from the limelight and rapid demise into compost.
    The sooner the better.

  6. Well said, Dianny.

    Let us not neglect to pile extra heaping helpings of opprobrium and well deserved insult onto the plates of the voting people of Delaware. Had it not been for those cretins, Joey would have been a nobody and could only have gotten to the White House by tour bus.

    When a state has Joey on the debit/liability side, and only the absence of a sales tax on the asset/credit side, it is so deeply in moral debt it may never climb out of its sewer.

  7. Goodbye Joe Biden

    Though you never knew you at all

    You never had the grace to hold yourself

    While those around you bawled

    Those Roaches crawled out of the woodwork

    And couldn’t find your brain

    Then you shit on the treadmill

    And they made you change your Depends

    And it seems to me you lived your life

    Like a swindle in the wind

    always knowing who to Bribe

    When the Ukraine set in

    And I would have never liked to have known you

    or Your dumbass a kid

    Your candle burned out long before

    Your Dementia ever did

  8. What is the matter with you people?

    Yes, Biden is an asshole, as well as everything else said in the comments above.

    But wouldn’t it be easier to just say that he is a democrat?

    That would include everything that has already been said and much more.

    That is what they are, all of them.

    And 47 million people voted for him because they are the exact same thing as he is. democrates.

    They all add less to society than what my dogs just left me to pick up in the back yard. At least my dogs can fertilize plants if needed.

  9. The mentality of the demoncrat people who voted for Joe in addition to the mentality of the republicans who stood around with their thumbs up their asses and allowed him to be sworn in, shows the depravity of the people. The formerly great USA is lost without hope of returning to the freedoms we once knew. The USA is under Demonic Control all in the name of “preserving our democracy”. Lord God protect us from this evil

  10. When I was in Pennsylvania back in November, I proudly wore my ‘UP YOURS, MURTHA!’ T-shirt. I was ready if anybody had objected. Nobody did!

  11. I remember when ol snot brains big idea for Iraq was to split it into 3 states. He was a self serving shit face then as now. I wish the dried up turd would get to close to the toilet and get flushed. Statesman my ass.

  12. Asshole implies at least a modicum of intellect because to be a true asshole you must possess the awareness you are an asshole but just not care.

    The Pedo is not an asshole at all, he is just to stupid for that title. The Pedo is what we here in MO call a dipshit.

    An angry, cowardly, insecure, idiotic sack of shit blowhard.

    He does not deserve the title of asshole. IOTW is a club of old intelligent assholes who have earned that right because we have lived a lifetime among dipshits like the Pedo.

    If you can see the difference you are an asshole and not a dipshit.

    Welcome to the club…

    Bush Republicans fabricated 30,000,000 votes to fire Don!nThey care not about anything else.

  14. Well I sure as hell didn’t see half the country at his so-called rallys!
    Who really thinks half the country showed up to vote for this Asshole???

  15. I don’t know who that is who is claiming to be Resident Biden now, but it is not the real Joe Biden. Something happened to the real Joe sometime in early 2020 and they replaced him with this thing. You can believe me or not. Doesn’t matter but I would recognize the real Joe Biden anywhere and this guy isn’t him.

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