Joe Manchin Said, ” We’re Going To Make The Rich Pay!” From The Stern Of His $700K House Boat

Daily Mail UK

Protesters and political activists rowed towards US Sen. Joe Manchin’s yacht this week, demanding to know why the senator refuses to support President Joe Biden‘s $3.5 trillion infrastructure bill. 

In a video capturing the exchange, Manchin, aboard his $700,000 house boat named Almost Heaven, assured the kayakers that Democrats were working to pass a reasonable bill. 

West Virginians waived signs saying ‘don’t sink out healthcare, and shouted at the Senator while he was aboard the vessel, which was moored on the Potomac River in Washington DC.  More

19 Comments on Joe Manchin Said, ” We’re Going To Make The Rich Pay!” From The Stern Of His $700K House Boat

  1. Speaking of flip flop, John Fraud Kerry was quoted as saying “all peons must reduce their carbon footprint”, as he boarded his private jet.

  2. We know that they all are corrupt,but that being said, we need him to stop this madness. If he or the senator from AZ caves we are going down a path that we will never recover from.
    It sucks but here we are.

  3. Envy is the fuel and resentment the engine of the progressive movement. They have instilled the notion that envy is no longer a sin and is the greatest of virtues in their followers. The resentment that is the natural development of the dynamic makes them easy pickings for demagogues of the lowest order whose motivation is not to improve their lives, only to exploit them. Their followers are too stupid and possess such moral turpitude as to make them easy to develop into Satan’s foot soldiers and the left is only too willing to jump at the opportunity this presents.

    This is their base and this is who he is speaking to with such an inane cliched statement that is never put in context of the fiscal realities being discussed.

  4. “Make the rich pay” – a standard Democrat utterance.

    But this time, without “their fair share” added. So, what did the rich ever do to him on the back of his $700,000 boat except donate to his campaign?

    Sure, Munchkin, go ahead and piss off the rich. The globalists among them will just pull more money out of the U.S., as many have already done.

  5. I wish the Democrat base would understand just how much of a lie it is when these Democrat politicians pay lip service to taxing the rich.
    For one example, the Democrat’s $3.5Trillion bill eliminates the $10,000 cap on SALT (state and local tax) deductions.
    – This is a very expensive tax reduction strictly for the richest among us.

  6. His daughter Heather Manchin Bresch is CEO of pharmaceutical company Mylan, and makes more than 20 million/year.

  7. Another typical, lying, hypocritical, Demonrat pol who has NEVER done an honest day of work in its life but is (mysteriously) filthy rich.

    The hangman is too good for them.

    izlamo delenda est …

  8. He’s not a dem, more of a dino, needs a hot dumpster fire on that boat.
    Douchebag needs to be kicked to the curb.

  9. These swamp rats don’t care.
    They know all they have to do is say, “tax the rich” and the sheep will bleet their happiness. Not even noticing the promising swamp rat is standing on a yacht most people will never be able to buy.

  10. Government finally has the citizenry it wanted:
    Gov. & drug-dependent, talent-less, skill-less whiney little cunts.
    A nation of Hunter Bidens.

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