Joe Rogan: I’d Vote for Trump over Biden

Rogan’s comments come after he called Biden “very old” and mocked his frequent verbal flubs as “not a normal way to communicate unless he’s high as f*ck.” In the same podcast interview, Rogan predicted that President Trump is “going to eat him alive” in the 2020 election. MORE

18 Comments on Joe Rogan: I’d Vote for Trump over Biden

  1. The democraps are terrified that the berniebots will just stay home or take Rogan’s advice. Of course, they could also riot at the DNC convention if biden craters and bernie is not chosen.
    I’m giddy.
    (caps are not there for a reason – they don’t deserve it)

  2. Well, the Strippers and the slippers
    Lord, they’re a caution
    They are the talk of the town
    When the gossip gets to flyin’
    And they ain’t lyin’
    When the Son goes fallin’ down

    They say that the dummy’s insane
    And dear Mrs. Biden playin a game

    Were talkin’ ’bout the China Joe (China)
    Oh-oh-oh, China Joe, oh-oh-oh

    But every day there’s a new thing comin’
    The ways of an Oriental view
    The Press and his buddies
    With their samurai swords
    You can even hear the laughter at night

    And though He’s a part of the brain dead State
    People don’t seem to care
    They just keep on lookin to the Feast

    Talkin bout the China Joe (China)
    Oh-oh-oh, China Joe, oh-oh-oh

  3. It’s no secret that even the democRATz are well aware that their platform is totally fucked. That’s why everything points to a bait & Switch maneuver and massive voter fraud! Its all they got!

    Republicans had better have a plan to tackle the coming storm! It’s already started with these disingenuous Ratz hiding behind a virus. The pot’s getting hotter with every new lock-down mandate and we’re all gonna wind up boiled if we don’t watch out!

  4. If they run Joe it just means they know they won’t win with anyone and why waste someone younger on their bench. Most dems are waiting for 2024. Having them start up with impeachment 2.0 in the middle of a war on a virus pretty much verifies they know they have no way to beat Trump but lets tee up the never ending BS s***storm.

  5. Both my sons are big into this guys Podcast. They tell me he’s a conservative. I’ll have to take their word for it. He’s never sounded that conservative to me.

  6. Trump is WORSE than Obama. At least Obama didn’t shut the entire country down on the recommendation of a Soros/Hillary stooge.

  7. I’ve voted 3 times for Trump. Never again. He has imprisoned us and given governors the green light to do whatever the hell they want. Arrest people for surfing? Taking a walk? Fines for getting too close. Leave it to politicians to find a way to make money off this.

  8. When this is over how does a 50-60 year old find a new job when bankruptcies will be setting new records? Wake up. Trump destroyed the economy based on lies. When it’s over he’ll claim victory no matter what. But there is no way now to say the same number of people wouldn’t have died anyway.

  9. @Anonymous April 5, 2020 at 11:37 am

    > When it’s over he’ll claim victory no matter what.

    How is billionaires having more, NOT a victory?

  10. OK calm your tits. It’s your governors and your mayors doing the locking down long before Trump said anything about it.

    And stop changing your name to make yourself seem like more than 1 person with the same opinion.

  11. None of the Above –

    Letting you know you’re getting dangerously near violating our sockpuppeting rule.
    Yes, there are people that use multiple names, but they don’t use them to try and create the illusion that their controversial comments are becoming mainstream on this site.

    It is at our discretion to determine if someone is becoming a nuisance.
    Don’t be one.

    We get it, you are of the belief that Trump has cause the economic shutdown and quarantines.
    You don’t have to keep saying it under various screen names.
    You should be informed, however, that there are no such federal laws. Trump is not responsible for any of this.
    This is a republic.
    States have the authority, not the federal government, unless they impose martial law.
    There are multiple states that have no restrictions whatsoever.

    So why isn’t Trump (the guy worse than Obama) not swooping in and taking over the authority of the states in order to impose his dictatorial shitlording?

    Don’t get banned, particular while spouting inanities.
    That would be tragic.

  12. Rogan desperately wants to be seen as an intellectual.
    But if you watch his podcast it’s obvious that he shoehorns anything he happens to read into the conversation as if he’s just completely well read and has info at the ready.

    But watch him steer the convo so he gets to use the info he probably read that morning.
    It’s entertaining once you catch on.

  13. Having watched a recent video of Joe Biden, I was shocked at how much he has aged in the last year. It reminds me of my recently deceased father. He was chugging along his old self, though of fairly advanced age, and in a short period he aged markedly, even shockingly fast. After that it wasn’t long. Not saying Joe won’t be with us for some time, but the decline is very apparent.


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