Joe Rogan is Right- Points Out U.S. Hypocrisy in Jailing People for Weed While Demanding Brittney Griner’s Release – IOTW Report

Joe Rogan is Right- Points Out U.S. Hypocrisy in Jailing People for Weed While Demanding Brittney Griner’s Release

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  1. This was supposed to be a big, woke morality play to make Putin look monstrous and signal the virtue of America. But the arrogant, pothead “star” has turned out to be a very unsympathetic character, and Rogan just demolished her value as a martyr. She is now such an u sympathetic figure that the govt is willing to give up the Russian “Merchant of Death”, in exchange for Paul “not a spook” Whelan, an American citizen who also holds Canadian, British and Irish citizenship. And Griner. She’s an afterthought now. A tagalong on the real trade. In fact, it would not surprise me if they ended up quietly trading the “Merchant of Death” for “not a spook” and just kicked the Griner can down the road.

    I expect the “Russian torture camp” stories in the GloboEuro media will dry up, too. Better get settled into yournew digs, Griner. It’s going to be a while.

  2. Whom would like a slice? Tony? PH? Another visitor? Stay awhile. Stay forever.

  3. Rogan is paste the weed stage, he’s graduated to schrooms, advocates using them. As for Griner, she should have done her homework for taking drugs and paraphernalia into foreign countries that frown on it. Griner took a knee to Americans, she hates America, I believe she’ll be much happier in a Russian prison….keep IT! She ain’t no bargaining chip… black, gay, drug addict, anti-America.

  4. Kamala Harris the so called VP was made a name as prosecutor for her wanton jailing of pot smokers/users in SF, is NOW incensed about the jailing of America hater griner!
    Also remember that another so called (marxist) president traded 5 top murderous terrorists for a known deserter and America hater bo bergdahl

  5. My point,
    Ya sow what you reap!
    Deal with the consequences!

    Enjoy kneeling in the russian gulag…

  6. Yeah but, she’s black, a star BB player, lesbian and anti-American living in Russia.
    She fits in with all the incompetent Communists and perverts at the Whitehouse.

  7. …at least she GOT a trial.

    That’s more than the people being illegaly held in DC by an angry Nancy Pelosi for daring to protest a stolen election can say, even to this day.

    Not to mention the two unarmed people who were summarily executed by Federal thugs just to make a point.

    …so as long as America holds political prisoners, they CERTAINLY have no right to protest other countries that DO grant due process when enforcing their own published law.

    Because that’s more than the Democrat traitors have done, or will do.

    This is why tyranny fails in the end. When tyrants don’t respect their own laws, the peasants can certainly take a hint.

    I hope the lamp posts in DC were not installed by a minority contractor.

    Because they will soon be required to support a lot of extra weight…

  8. @ SNS AUGUST 6, 2022 AT 9:13 AM
    BLM was unavailable in Moscow for comment.

    The marxists are here… just find the yard signs which seem lately to be plentiful…

  9. Reloader 83
    AUGUST 6, 2022 AT 9:22 AM

    I know they are here.

    It’s that they won’t be burning any cities over THERE, because they know Russia won’t have it.

    What a difference enforcement of laws makes.

    We should try that here.

  10. Brittany is a guy.
    There are pictures of her/him on the interwebs naked from the waist up.
    No tits whatsoever and male shoulder blades plus an adams apple.
    Prove me wrong.

  11. What business is it of the United States government one way or the other if someone deliberately and flagrantly violates the laws of a sovereign country?

  12. I’m picturing multimillionaire LeBrown Jimmy, channeling his inner Ross Perot, teaming with his fellow NBA stooperstars to plan and execute a daring mission to rescue their fellow American perfessional affleet.

    Who else can picture this?!

  13. @Reloader 83
    Your comment reminded me of a line I heard in one of Gutfeld’s rants last week which cracked me up, so I thought I’d share…he was showing a picture of Grandpa Badfinger and Heelzup together, and said their Secret Service code names were Shits & Giggles.


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