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Joe Says “IF” We Have a Recession It Will Be a Small One

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  1. If?

    I used to buy between 20 and 30 replacement HVAC rooftops per year to replace Old machines that were over 20 years old or had severe repairs.

    Our construction side would buy another 6o units per year.

    This year we ONLY got 9. It’s not because we don’t have customers, its that suppliers have NOTHING to sell.

    On service, I’m still making money, the manufacturer’s are NOT.
    They have Nothing to sell. Even at drastically inflated prices, they still ave no volume. There’s nothing like paying rent, salaries, & utilities on an empty building right before Christmas.

    This is true of Vehicles, Tires, Hvac, Appliances, Everything…

    The Manufacturing Plants in may area have parking lots that are 40%-60% empty of employee’s cars. MAGNA (car parts)

    And on a side note, even Apple warned of Much lower demand for their latest releases. I guess when people have No Money the phone upgrade can wait until you really need it.

    All because COOF was used to help get rid of Trump & impose a WEF plan.

  2. We all know the Obiden admin is using our reserves to keep prices slightly down until after the mid-terms. We also know when we are in winter, beginning in Jan oil and propane prices go up.
    I can’t wait. (sarc – for you lefties)
    Right now heating oil is aroung $5.30 gal and propane is between $6 & $7 gal.
    That means it will cost just about $1100 to get my oil tank filled right now. By Jan it will be around $1500.
    $850 to fill my propane tank.

    Kcir is absolutely correct. This is all on purpose.
    They need to crush the middle class in order to seize power.
    Nothing will change for the rich or the poor.

  3. Try to find a Ford F-350, GM 3500, or a Ram 3500. The availability of one-ton trucks for the past 6 months has been non-existent.

  4. On day one of President Trump’s announcement to run the MSM screamed doom and gloom, assured us a recession was eminent beginning the day President Trump took office. Today we are overwhelmed with statistics proving we’ve been in a recession for a while and not word out the MSM. To the contrary, in spite of all the evidence, we’re being told there is no recession. Just one more reason wise people distrust the MSM.

  5. There will be no recession, because like I told you the economy wouldn’t dare fuck with a biden.
    You have my word.

  6. Jackass Joe sez: “Inflation is only up by an inch”
    Ahhhhhhh… I’m pretty sure we all getting screwed by six inches of inflation!

  7. If there is there a damn thing that Spongebrain Shitpants or anyone in his entire malAdministration has been right about even one time it is the world’s best kept secret.

  8. Just further proves how Biden has no idea what’s going on in the country, unless it benefits himself and filthy family.

  9. @beachmom October 13, 2022 at 8:48 am

    > We all know the Obiden admin …

    Just a convenient hook on. Preapology if taken personal.

    This (these) are why Conservative(TM)s are the McCain glioblastoma of reality.

    The offense, even “anonymous”, of the neighbors seeing the rotting flesh of those that call them “enemy”, left at the curb, for those that call them “enemy” to clean up… is why those that call them “enemy” hire an heroes to kill them, and split the haul, for public adoration.

    What is, is why you are here.

  10. Douchebag leftists think biden undoing everything Trump has done since the other douchebag played at being president is progress.
    There’s no negotiating or compromising with these fuckers.
    Most of the troublemakers are well past retirement age.
    They need to be retired immediately, one way or another.

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