Joe Walsh and Bill Kristol are Smoking political crack

Sebastian and Matt Boyle discuss the rumors that former Congressman Joe Walsh may run a primary challenge to President Trump in 2020.

15 Comments on Joe Walsh and Bill Kristol are Smoking political crack

  1. This is how he shores up his “independent” cred as an Illinois Republican.

    That and Democrats won’t care when he misappropriates their meager donations to enable his gaslighting.

  2. it’s all good. it’s expected that the sitting POTUS gets primary challenge. shows the world the process still works. Reagan primaried Ford, Ted Kennedy primaried Carter, Bucanon primaries Reagan and so on.

  3. Joe Walsh – the smoker you drink, the player you get

    (… yeah, I wasn’t smokin’ the same shit as he was back in the ’70’s either)

    oops, sorry … different Joe Walsh … my bad

  4. If Walsh goes up against Trump in the primary then he loses his radio job.
    And when he loses the primary he has nothing left.

  5. who in the Sam Hell thought this would be a good idea?

    Bringing out more of the same-ol same-ol. The USA is a different country now, your old BS isnt gonna stand.

  6. Joe Walsh, you spent too much time playing with Joe Biden in Biden’s altitude chamber. You didn’t know what lack of oxygen does to your brain?

  7. You have to give the liberal Bill credit for integrity. At least he admits he wants Don out! Unlike the progressive Ben, who in his heart of hearts wants Don out, but lies and says he supports Don; just before he knifes Don in the back!

  8. Meerkat: Don Henley’s politics make Joe Walsh look like Barry Goldwater.

    The documentary that came out on The Eagles showed that Don Felder got kicked out of the band for not supporting Henley and Frey’s coke fueled Leftism. They were at some fundraiser for some leftwing, run of the mill California pol and Felder wasn’t deferential enough to some old fart candidate and Frey blew up, got into a fight and kicked him out of the band.

    As far as I was concerned, Felder was the Eagles’ sound. I know that was way off track.


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