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Joe’s Souvenir Is Returned To London

I know it didn’t happen, but it could happen. And that’s just hilariously sad.

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  1. Shouldn’t that be grift shop, joey was probably looking for something he could steal and bring it back with him as a trophy of his supposedly first prediduncial trip to the G-7 grifter’s conference.

  2. These Biden memes are too damn easy. He’s lost and oblivious.
    At least Obama got pissed off at the mockery.

    “Joe Biden will never be the man Michelle Obama was.”

  3. They shoulda locked up GreezyJoe™ in the Tower of London and had the Beefeater Guards offer sticks to tourists to poke him.

    “Oi mate! Tuppence a jab!”

  4. I’m surprised kamala didn’t insist he visit the tower of London – good opportunities come with many steps…

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