“Joey: The Story of Joe Biden” by Dr. Jill Biden

A story book for 4-8 year olds  (or perhaps childish democrats) was published June 27th. “Joey: The Story of Joe Biden” is a narrative of the  former vice president’s childhood.   

A scathing book review in the Washington Free Beacon Here


39 Comments on “Joey: The Story of Joe Biden” by Dr. Jill Biden

  1. Hunching over little girls, and riding with his black and brown and white running dogs. Everything old is new again.

  2. Sorry, Jill, but Joey will be dead by the time those 4-8 year-old’s get to vote.

    (Nice photoshop job there. Amy June Bates isn’t going to be happy.)

  3. “Joe loves spending time with family. Well, except for that one bastard kid of his son, Hunter, who also belongs to the stripper he knocked up while he was doing drugs at a titty club.”

  4. Does this sound familiar:

    Jack(Joe) and Jill went up a hill(capitol hill)
    to fetch a pail(offshore account) of water(bribes),
    Jack(Joe) fell down and broke(lost) his crown(marbles)
    and Jill came tumbling after(spent her declining years at Club Fed)

  5. “Joe loves fondling and sniffing girls. It started when he entered puberty at age 16. We can’t show you that here, but you can imagine putting condoms on bananas.”

  6. “Here’s a picture of Vice President Joey seated with President 0bama, Susan Rice and the fellas from the FBI, plotting to ruin some innocent men’s lives.

    Barack 0bama was the first black American president in a country that is filled with mostly racists and sexists. “

  7. “Joey loved to ride bikes with younger girls sitting on the handlebars because their hair smelled so nice. He loved sniffing hair. He still does!”

  8. joe6pak

    Someone on FOX said the other day that the only reason the Biden’s were running for office is to fleece more foreign governments. They went on to say, with examples, that the Biden’s had turned it into an art form.

  9. Brad, it must have been a guest that said that. If it was someone drawing a Fox paycheck we would have read about them getting suspended then fired.

  10. joe6pak
    It was a guest on FOX’s early Saturday show. A good group. I watch them early on Saturday and Sunday. On Sunday sometimes I’ll watch Maria whatshername. She’s really good and a Trump supporter. But after that FOX turns into CNN.

  11. Is this the story about little Joey molesting kids or little Joey getting molested as a kid.

  12. They say the early childhood memories are the last to go. Explains how Biden could confuse his wife with his sister.

  13. And she probably gets millions of dollars in laundered money from the Chinese for it, which is the whole point of the exercise.

  14. “Joey learned from his mother to love the sweetly arousing perfume of girls’ hair and the warmth of hugging them closely. Until he was 12, it was only after he nuzzled his mom’s hair and fondled her neck and shoulders that she would allow him to breast feed.”

  15. Brought to you by the same idiots that gave the literary world the book about a child named Hillary. Do they really think this crap is effective, or is it just another money laundering exercise?

  16. Why do I think this will be on display next to the children’s bio of Harvey Milk next time I’m at B&N with the kids?

  17. You know, it’s not often that a publisher will combine a scratch ‘n sniff with a pop-up, but they really pulled it off this time!

  18. seriously?

    no helmet
    putting a little girl on the handlebars
    while sniffing her hair

    it’s all fun & games until that little girl to drop a foot in the spokes
    … & the next book will be “Joey Lawyer’s Up”

  19. Was it subtitled ‘My Life with a Serial Pedophile’ and did it have a Foreword by Corn Pop?


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