John Bolton’s Lawyer: ‘My Client will only testify if a judge orders him to’

Sara Carter: Charles Cooper, the lawyer to Amb. John Bolton, says that his client will “only appear before Congress if a judge orders him to do so.”

“John Bolton was personally involved in many of the events, meetings, and conversations about which you have already received testimony, as well as many relevant meetings and conversations that have not yet been discussed in the testimonies thus far,” said Charles Cooper in the letter.

Cooper said Bolton and his former deputy, Charles Kupperman are seeking a “definitive judgment from the Judicial Branch determining their Constitutional duty in the face of conflicting demands” from the White House and Congress. The attorney — who represents both men — noted that unlike the other witnesses, Bolton and Kupperman provided direct advice to Trump regularly and would be asked during any congressional appearance to disclose sensitive foreign policy and national security information. MORE

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  1. He should shave his dumb ass mustache and get a hair cut not built around a bowl. Everyone would think he disappeared.

  2. Sounds like the right call, seems it needs to go all the way to supreme court for a solid ruling. I wonder if they can agree.

  3. His point is the House invitations to speak have no legal authority. He could show up and 5th amendment them on everything!

  4. he didnt seem like a low life squeeler who’d grass someone out in front of a panel of shrieking hens

  5. Good for him. This almost HUAC like committee is fishing trying to find anything whether it’s germane to the issue at hand or not. Everyone one of the witnesses should lawyer-up and bill the DOJ.

  6. Trump is the only one who gave Bolton a real chance. He hasn’t been running to media outlets and giving interviews like some speculated.

    He knows there aren’t any elected Republicans who would support him.

    I don’t seem him going turncoat. They had disagreements over policy and he left. That’s how it’s supposed to be vs staying and fragging everybody from within.

  7. John Bolton has no loyalty to Trump. Bolton’s only loyalty will go to ANY President that will start the wars Bolton wants. That means getting Trump out and getting a Communist war hawk in would be what Bolton would gladly support in any way possible.

    John Bolton left because Trump wouldn’t let him start a war
    There was always going to be a conflict between Trump’s “America First” and Bolton’s “America Everywhere.”
    By Alex Ward Sep 10, 2019, 4:4

    “John Bolton’s ouster as President Donald Trump’s national security adviser reveals something important: Even the deepest Washington insider and pro-war advocate can fail to push this commander in chief to start a major conflict.

    When Bolton joined the administration in April 2018, the worry was that the arch nationalist hawk would convince the war-averse Trump to see the world as he did. Here was a guy who for decades called for bombing North Korea and Iran, exercising unilateral American power around the world, and cutting tethers to international institutions.”

    “But Bolton is most known for openly and passionately calling on the US to bomb nations he deems irredeemably dangerous. North Korea and Iran held a special place in his heart, writing that America should attack them for pursuing nuclear weapons and even advocating regime change. Doves worried aloud that missiles would start flying soon after Bolton stepped foot inside the Oval Office.

    It wasn’t to be, thankfully.

  8. Vox. Seriously?

    I don’t disagree that he’s a hawk but he doesn’t get to make those decisions. He gives his assessment on countries, people, strategies, etc.

    His assessment of the players is correct. His recommendations are interventionist.

    Whenever anyone talks about our foreign policy, it always comes down to two things. Should it be America First only and do we make a deal with the devil we know. Bolton supports intervention when there is no clear “win” for us being there and also doesn’t subscribe to being buddy buddy with tyrants or dictators.

    Trump’s policy is the opposite of how things have been done forever and that’s his prerogative. But let’s also not pretend that it is perfect. There has been no success with North Korea and we’re ignoring the democracy movement in China to pursue a trade deal with an enemy who openly talks about attacking us and is infiltrating us at every level.

    Iran and North Korea won’t fall on their own. Just like China hasn’t liberalized because of US engagement after 1989.

    I don’t think he’s loyal to Trump, because who really is that he’s picked, but he is loyal to America and is saying you’re going to have to force me to talk to you. They’ve run story after story that Bolton is going to come talk to Schiff and it hasn’t happened. The Anonymous book isn’t Bolton. He hasn’t cashed in with the media that would love to use him to attack Trump.

    If he does that, I’ll change my tune but I’ve heard him talk for more than 10 years and he doesn’t look at our enemies or Leftists with rose colored glasses.

  9. He was hired to rattle sabers when that was needed, let go when his work was finished.
    That’s how Trump works.


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