John Brennan In A Strange Place At A Weird Time

The Lid: Sooner or later, life seems to imitate all that art has afforded over the centuries of human endeavor.  In the movie Wag the Dog, Barry Levinson’s 1997 film about faking the news for political profit, politicos Robert De Niro and Anne Heche work with Dustin Hoffman, as a Hollywood producer, to “produce” a “war” that will distract the media and get an unpresentable president through the last 11 days before his reelection bid. Brennan Spygate

In the course of the movie, Willie Nelson is called in to come up with musical themes for the production.  His problem?  The war is set in Albania.  Albania, he complains, is hard to rhyme with, at least sticky-meme-ish-lyrics-wise.

Fortunately, the focus of the production goes a slightly different direction. Instead of rhyming Albania, Nelson’s character can write a fake “1930s folk song” about a “good old shoe.”  (Which commemorates the boots worn by a fake combat hero – Woody Harrelson – being heralded for his fake part in the phony war.)

The war planners in Wag the Dog resort to Albania as their venue because Americans tend not to know from Albania.  In 1997, there were probably more Americans than there are today who knew that the Belushi brothers, Jim and the late John, were of Albanian descent.  Other than that, even coming off half a decade of war in the Balkans, Albania had managed to stay mostly off the front pages in the American news.

But Albania is where then-CIA Director John Brennan was, holding talks, we are told, with Albanian officials, at the peculiar time of 4-7 December 2016.

Those who have followed Spygate closely will have a pretty good idea of what to do with this information.  We’ll consider some suggestions here – and we’ll be going lightly over the more obvious ground because there’s a profounder lesson to be absorbed from the context. read more

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  1. I could’t read the whole blog, hilldog was right, what difference does it make. When was that Durham report supposed to come out again,Is Barr still hot on the trail? Will anyone even remember any of those names once they have saved us from the dreaded covid. In another month will the people be to concerned about how to make the next house payment to even care about bidens kid and the whole Ukraine money laundering thing? I’m not very optimistic about justice being served today.

  2. Good lord, whoever writes for The Lid, in an admirable attempt at tying nefarious con artists together in the Get Trump At All Costs saga, would better serve the reader’s time (and less confusion) with the wind up….everybody BUT Trump was in on the scheme.

    In the meantime, the Wuhan War has taken Spygate off the table, Bill Barr breathes a sigh of relief that the 3/31 testimony before Nadler’s committee was penciled in the calendar {wink, wink}, never to be rescheduled, and John Durham has succumbed to the Wutang virus during his investigation in Italy.

    Ok, so the last sentence is tongue in cheek, but rest assured we’ll never hear from Durham again.

    I’m going back to reading Dick & Jane primers. The plots are easy to follow and less headache inducing.

  3. Engelburka Engelburka,
    It’s convoluted to discourage disentanglement.
    By humans and by prosecutors trying to explain it to humans.
    Plots within plots and gears withing gears – some moving this way, others that.
    If you give up on it, they are successful.

    But, like any program, it can be broken into 1s and 0s – it takes perseverance.

    izlamo delenda est …


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