John Brennan, The Company’s Nasty Piece of Work

John Kiriakou and John Brennan go way back with the CIA. After nearly eight years in the CIA working in the Middle East, Kiriakou was named Chief of Counter terrorist Operations in Pakistan after 9/11. Brennan had been serving as deputy executive director and later director of the National Counter Terrorism Center during the same era.

while stationed in Pakistan, Kiriakou was in charge of the team that captured and interrogated  Abu Zubaydah, (3rd in line in Al Qaida) but soon left the CIA entirely in 2004 for the private sector, including a couple of stints with ABC News. In 2007, Kiriakou told ABC News of the waterboarding of Zubaydah, being the first to disclose the extreme interrogation measures. According to Kiriakou, from that point forward the CIA was out to get him. Though constantly going to the DOJ to get a criminal case against its former agent, the CIA was unable to convince the Justice Department to pursue charges. Then Obama got elected and put John Brennan at the head of the CIA. He eventually became the first CIA officer to ever serve a prison term.

Tucker Carlson interviewed Kiriakou last night to discuss Brennan’s vendetta against the whistleblower. Watch

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  1. this one made me sick.

    brennan, mueller and co. are assassins and they should hang for the lives they have destroyed.

  2. No, they should be tried, convicted, and shot for conspiring to overthrow the lawfully elected government of the US.

  3. In another world, Jeff Sessions would not have turned the keys of the DOJ and company credit card over to the people who were responsible for the entrapment / process crimes they are investigating.

    The snake is getting fat from eating it’s own tail at this point.

  4. The exact site where the “Lincoln Assassins” were tried and then hung in 1865 still exists as an active Army base.
    Historic Fort McNair is in southwest DC, and just minutes away from the WH and Congress. Their former Swampmates can attend and whisper about who’s next.
    And the bodies can be displayed on the nearby Mall.
    Ample seating for guests to view the Cabal executions, then stroll the attractive historic grounds.

    MAGA, baby.

  5. John Brennan’s skull reminds me of those rock em, sock em robots we had as kids. You guys remember, you could sock the other guy in the belly and his head would pop off. Like the guy from Scanners, poof!


    Brennan + Mueller were elevated by the same progressive President!

    can you name the Libera liar?!@#%@

  7. In the linked vid @ 2:45 :

    Brennan – “charge him anyway and make him defend himself”

    Fordham Phuck.

    The Plank is waiting …JOHN.

  8. Wow!
    Brennan reminds me of Haman in the Bible’s book of Esther. He had gallows built to hang his nemesis, Mordecai, but ended up being hanged instead. Justice was served in that case. It will be interesting to see how and when Brennan gets to the “end of his rope” (metaphorically speaking, of course).


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