John Crist: Live at Church

Standup comedian John Crist Live at Element Church with Tim Hawkins. Crist hosts the filming for Tim Hawkin’s most recent DVD project “That’s the Worst”

7 Comments on John Crist: Live at Church

  1. Very funny. Christian comedians (they’ve been around a while) keep it clean, but you do have to be familiar with “church” culture to get some of the jokes. Still, really fun video.

  2. Christian Comedians Could Have a Window of Opportunity Now, as Everyone Else Has Gone Crazy. They Can Use The Insanity as a Revolving Joke since There Will Always Be Liberals ! Only Catch… They Would Need to Lose the Title of Christian Comedian, If They Want Real Sucsess !

  3. I absolutely did not have 15 min to watch this so I thought I’d just watch a minute or two. Fifteen minutes later…oh my gosh that guy was funny!

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