John Cusack Is Upset He Was Caught Being A Crank At Cubs Game


Actor John Cusack lashed out at supporters of President Donald Trump after a photo showed him sitting in his seat during a military salute at a recent Chicago Cubs game.

“I didn’t stand up for Boeing military salute – fast enough for some maga fuck – see? don’t even have taste not to brand weapons company all over score board,” John Cusack said soon after a photo of him sitting during a Cubs game Boeing Military Salute went viral on social media. More

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  1. Goddammit John, this country and that major weapons manufacturer sell weapons all over the world! Get off yer’ ass. We are the worlds number one weapon supplier to third world despots, second world Juntas, and first world parliamentary purchasers. If you want to wage war on somebody you don’t like, the US defense contractors are Candy Land. And best of all, we have, courtesy of our Government (pimp for our weapon manufacturers) very flexible terms of purchase. Hell, if we like you enough we might just give you the money to make those purchases. Ask Sadam Hussein.

    Oh, wait, we had to kill him because the Saudi’s told us to. Well, they buy more stuff than he did anyway.

  2. Another hypocritical Hollywood lefty that hates his country? Say it ain’t so.

    Given the lemming mentality of the trifecta (Hollywood, academia and MSM) many of these instances are not a declaration of progressivism as much as a shallow pathetic cry for acceptance from their perceived betters.

    Everyone is allowed their own form of protest re: entertainers; myself, I refuse to give HBO a penny and will never spend money watching Brie Larson in anything (OK, maybe the latest Avengers movie but that’s it).

  3. Cubbies blew it Today…4 Run lead…lost 6-5…

    I love My Cubs…but could give two f*cks for Cusack.

    his early stuff was hilarious…and He was great in Con Air…After

    that, He took the Nick Cage Detour of 4 sh*tty Movies a Year.

  4. These phucking people are so hateful. How can they enjoy anything?
    Horrible way to go through life. Hey Cusack, have a double Svdka,
    relax, very few people know who the phuck you are anyway.

  5. If not for our Military Cusakashit would be standing in a bread line whining in Russian.

  6. Good Dr. Tar, your front page paragraph needs a “:” after “Breitbart.”

    For a second, I thought Breitbart had hired him for some acting production. Heaven forbid!

  7. What do you say about someone who’s opinion hasn’t changed since they were sixteen years old?

    Who he was in Better Off Dead and Bob Roberts is who he is today but with more arthritis and lower back pain.

  8. His face is pulled as tight as Schumer’s and Pelosi’s. They must use the same plastic surgeon. I now know why they are called ‘plastic’ surgeons.

    Hateful ass has no career, so he can go to worthless protests.

  9. Maybe someone will start a GoFundMe account to pay someone to bitch-slap this little prick? I’m good for $10. Anyone?

  10. I don’t listen to my mechanic for medical advice and I don’t listen to actors for my political views.

    I don’t listen to my mechanic about his medical issues and I don’t listen to actors for their political views.

    John Cusack, just shut up.

    P.S. Ok, I might listen to my mechanic if he has a medical issue. That’s because I care about my mechanic.

  11. Q. What happens when you’re a legend in your own mind a nobody follows your lead? A. Pouty lip and temper tantrum.

  12. Didn’t he play the part of a soyboy nerd in Sixteen Candles back in the 80’s? Sure hasn’t changed much.

  13. The Paperboy may have been the worst movie of all time.

    If you don’t count Peter O’toole’s Caligula.

  14. Trump has endangered hollywoods pizza supply. it’s being cut off.

    they’re starting to crack.

  15. Those people with plates of food and drinks in their hands managed to stand up pretty quickly.
    Cusack is a phony spoiled elitist.


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