John Kennedy’s Funny Take on the ole “Take Me To Your Leader” Line


Sen. John Kennedy has a way with words and remarking on President Joe Biden’s highly criticized speech this week, told Fox News that if aliens from another planet showed up and asked to be taken to America’s leader, it would be a moment of profound embarrassment.

“The Biden administration has mismanaged COVID, it has mismanaged inflation, it has mismanaged the border, and it has mismanaged foreign policy all in one year,” Kennedy said in an interview with Sean Hannity. “If the aliens landed tomorrow, and said, ‘take me to your leader,’ it would be embarrassing. Now President Biden is trying to change the subject by talking about race. And he is mismanaging that.”


He’s right, but he didn’t even have to go that far.

He didn’t even have to discuss policy.

Just seeing Feeble Joe’s countenance, listening to his fumfering, watching his gait, the aliens would think they stumbled upon Alzheimers7, the planet just to the left of Shitmypants 5.

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  1. Aliens most likely have hundred of thousands of planets to pick and choose from, why waste time a planet diseased with humans.

  2. Not criticizing, just asking. Has Senator Kennedy done stuff for us or is he just another Trey Gowdy with a different schtick?

  3. He’s busted some incompetent Biden judge nominees. But he’s no street warrior like Rand Paul.

    If aliens landed and met Biden, they’d shrewdly ask:”Take me to your REAL leader”.

  4. @Arrogance – Sen Foghorn Leghorn Kennedy is one of my two US Senators. After Hurricane IDA I was getting the runaround from FEMA (Fuckedup Every Morning & Afternoon) and I got zero help from Congressman Scalise’s staffers, zero help from backstabbing RINO traitor Sen Cassidy’s staffers but got amazing help and advice from Sen Kennedy’s staff within 30 minutes of emailing them.

    Constituent Services is one of the most basic, key things that a politician is supposed to master. Yet Scalise and cASSidy really SUCK at it.

  5. Uncle Al nailed it, as usual.

    Joey: Hello, President Pudding.
    Vlad: Take me to your leader.
    Joey: Hold, please!
    (click, transfer…)
    B Hussein: Barrack here!


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