John Kerry Calls Election ‘downright embarrassing.’ Twitter Promptly Burns Him to a Crisp – IOTW Report

John Kerry Calls Election ‘downright embarrassing.’ Twitter Promptly Burns Him to a Crisp

The Earl of Ketchup / Duke of Heinz, Secretary of State and failed candidate for president John Kerry is upset about the 2016 election cycle.  On NBC Nightly News, Kerry revealed his sadness of perceptions of the election overseas by noting “There are moments when it is downright embarrassing.” (as if we should really care what people who wish they were us think).
NBC tweeted out his comment,  and as soon as the tweet went live , he was trounced for his own actions that made a mockery of America and reminded he himself had a hand in making America look absurd.  Here’s just a sample:

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  1. The Nation has endured 8 years of embarrassment by Obama, Hillary, Kerry, DOJ, EPA, FBI, State Department, IRS, Education and every Federal Agency of the Obama administration.

    Actually Kerry has been an embarrassment since he sided with North Vietnam during the Vietnam War.

  2. The Earl of Ketchup. Good one.

    What’s really embarrassing is having him for SoS. I love how Trump verbally smacks his forehead every time he talks about Kerry breaking his leg in the middle of negotiations with Iran.

  3. You know what’s embarrassing?
    Embarrassing is making a big deal out of throwing your fake Purple Hearts over the WH fence than show casing them on your office wall.
    By fake I mean he gave them to himself so he could carry his pansy ass home to suck some North V/Nam dick in Paris.

  4. OH GEE JOHN, do you think the world takes the clown in the White Hut less than seriously? Wonder how that came about,…let’s see, Barky tries to show submission to the Saudi’s by going for the King’s cock, goes to the 2016 G20 Hangzhou summit, and is forced to exit the rear of OUR plane like a serving boy, gets told by the UK Queen to don’t be inviting himself and the troll Moochie to visit, instead to wait for the Foreign Office to Invite him (which they will NEVER do again), gets laughed off stage at European summits repeatedly, gets humiliated by his best buds forever the Muslim arabs, just to name a few. Maybe its the way he looks, maybe its the way he acts, or MAYBE its because he is dumber than a box of rocks and doesn’t even know it!

  5. Oh, and I forgot, Barky lectures the Israelis and insults our best ally. Just remember, Gramma Cankles is Barky on blood thinners and steroids with Parkinsons. so putting Cankles in the White Hut will be more of the same, piled higher and deeper.

  6. But it’s not embarrassing to finance and arm Iran was nuclear weapons , the biggest state sponsor or terrorism?

    How did America get so lucky as to have John Kerry, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama?

  7. I reckon his wife’s dead husband’s yacht isn’t a Swift boat./snarcasm

    I know a retired Navy guy who has Navy shipmates who were Swifties and to a man they all said Kerry was a coward, an asshole, a lying blowhard who made shit up in his after-action reports and he even lied about a scratch in order to put himself in for a Purple Heart. DESPICABLE.

  8. @PHenry: “How did America get so lucky as to have John Kerry, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama?”

    Disasters usually happen in threes.

  9. Yes, Mr. Kerry, this election is embarrassing. Your party nominated a corrupt and hypocritical candidate for President of the United States, and despite CNN’s and MSNBC’s best efforts, she is being called out on it. Your candidate is a joke, and now the “news” media covering for her has become a joke. Your whining about embarrassment is nothing more than wishful thinking that none of Hillary’s dirt was discovered.

  10. Monsieur Jon Gigolo Metrosexual Goodhair, the Not-so-Swift-Boat, Medal-Tossing, Flip-Flopping (mostly flopping), precognitive Global Warming metrosexual meteorologist, “Don’t You Know Who I Am”, Live-Shot Cabana-Boy, living off his second wife’s first husband’s fortune, and Politically Correct, Easter Island fashion model with Churchill Downs Syndrome, who couldn’t pour the piss out of a boot if the instructions were written on the heel, is the Asshole who re-defined the term “Embarrassing” when he dragged James Taylor to Paris to sing “You’ve Got a Friend”

  11. Mr “can I get me a hunting license here?” Kerry who gave himself the purple heart because he popped a willie pete on a rice cashe and a flying grain bruised his ass cheek. The award making him eligible to be sent home early the fucking coward.

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