John Kerry perfect choice to win first ‘Teddy’

Howie Carr: Why did the Edward M. Kennedy Institute for the United States Senate decide to give John “Liveshot” Kerry its first lifetime achievement award?

Probably because Harvey Weinstein was not available to pick up the “Teddy” award last Sunday night.

I mean, in terms of Kennedy-esque “lifetime achievement” – specifically, serial sexual harassment, misogyny, gross obesity and generally boorish behavior – Harvey was the most obvious pick to honor the memory of the hero of Chappaquiddick.

Harvey and Teddy were two peas in a pod, which is probably why Weinstein gave him all those thousands of dollars over the years, in addition to the contributions he also made to Teddy’s nephew Joe, who crippled a young woman on Nantucket, and whose first wife accused him of bullying her, not to mention Ted’s son Patches, who once assaulted an elderly black woman guard at LAX airport.  MORE

PS- The grotesque head of Ted Kennedy is not a photoshop.

11 Comments on John Kerry perfect choice to win first ‘Teddy’

  1. In Ted Kennedy’s mind a life time achievement award is measured by body count. John “can I get me a huntin licence here” Kerry has yet to bag his first one as far as I know.

  2. Well who better to win a “Tedward” than Monsieur Jean Fraud Gigilo Goodhair, the not-too-swift-boat, dumbed-down, medal-tossing, flip-flopping, arrogant, condescending, self-absorbed “Don´t You Know Who I Am”, live-shot, camera-hogging, precognitive Global Warming meteorologist, official Jihad Coddler, and Politically Correct, gold-digging, Moisturizing-Metrosexual Easter Island fashion model and Terayyzza´s personal Cabana-Boy (with Churchill Downs Syndrome)!!

    Oh, not to mention James Taylor’s part-time agent!

  3. I much would have rathered preferred bullets fly straight through the back of Teddy’s skull than his older brother John’s. The country would have been much better off.

  4. First Mcshame get a medal and now horse face gets one too. I think I’m going to be sick. WTF is this country coming to?

  5. I thought for sure the “Lyin’ of the Senate” would much prefer the betraying Maverick of Unfaithfulness, John McCain.

  6. I wonder if old lurch will fling his newly minted medal for depravity, dishonor, and eye-rolling above and beyond the call of duty over Harvey Weinstein’s fence?

  7. I thought life time achievement awards were given to superstars that were ignored earlier and to ne’er do wells that won’t otherwise go away…

    The life time achievements of John Kerry beyond nailing heiress’ is mind boggling

  8. John effin Kerry would never have had a teddy bear named after him. Lately, early in the morning on cable TV they’ve been advertising a Trumpy bear that looks like Donald Trump for 2 payments of $20 each, genius, I wish I would’ve thought of that. (I won’t miss cable TV when I bug out of my parents house shortly since I’m going back to work within the next week or two, woo hoo!) And if Kerry ever did get his own teddy bear it would come with at least 3 or 4 unearned Purple Hearts, a fake DD-214 (thank you mr. peanut). and a bunch of unearned medals that you too could throw over a fence whenever you want to protest the inhumanity of everything.


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