John Kerry Proves He’s Still Inept at That Foreign Policy Stuff

Diogenes’ Middle Finger: Liberals are in hysterics and wetting themselves because the President went to Europe and talked tough to European allies and actually had the audacity to question why they don’t pay their fair share in defending the continent from Russian aggression. And just like every other time Trump does something they deem unusual or dangerous, he gets results and liberals are left looking embarrassingly for the next shiny object. As a result of Trump’s straightforward tough talk, the NATO nations have agreed to increase their military spending and no one was harder hit than former Secretary of State John Kerry–The Earl of Ketchup/Duke of Heinz–who ceremoniously defined the role of top US diplomat with historic ineptitude and incompetence.   READ MORE

4 Comments on John Kerry Proves He’s Still Inept at That Foreign Policy Stuff

  1. By 2:00 Western time, the Horses ass, and Paul Ryan should have figured out “Oh Fuck”. It’s far from the first time. These dumb cxck suckers would not qualify for Pavlovian Dogs. I mean shit, how many times do you need to be bitch slapped to figure it out?

  2. The Earl of Ketchup/Duke of Heinz! Damn now that’s funny. He’s so dumb he shot himself in leg. At least since than his aim has gotten better and only hits his foot. I said aim got better, a chin or mouth shot would prove what a “War Hero” he presents himself to be to keep getting elected. In his case it would not be referred to PTSD even tough that’s what his career as a politician has caused. Looking forward to his return Scary Movie 10.

  3. The left just can’t help themselves. They are burying the democRAT Party one speech at a time.

    I still wonder if there isn’t some secret game the left is running, to find the most outrageous, ignorant, racially biased, spittle producing statement or action, amongst left. There are certainly a lot of contenders, seemingly vying for the win.

    I presume that the contest winner will be the next head of the DNC or perhaps their 2020 candidate, if they can possibly squash of their anchor, HRC.


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