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John Kerry, Right at Home Among the Commies

In his remarks as the American flag was raised in Cuba for the first time in over 50 years, Secretary of State John Kerry remarked, “I feel very much at home here.”

HAVANA, CUBA - AUGUST 14:  Secretary of State John Kerry (R) watches as Marines raise the American flag at the U.S. Embassy August 14, 2015 in Havana, Cuba. Kerry will visited the reopened embassy, the first time an American secretary of state has visited Cuba since 1945, a symbolic act after the the two former Cold War enemies reestablished diplomatic relations in July.  (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)



It’s hard to remember a bigger horse’s ass being sent abroad to represent this nation.

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  1. Hey John F’n Kerry! Pay attention to the sign that reads: “If you lived here you’d be home by now” and heed it!!

  2. WAR STORY Alert:
    In the early 70’s, I was working in a secure room for Naval Intelligence in a secure facility in a foreign country. It was just the two of us: Yours truly, RM1 Mxyzptlk, and a Lieutenant, the intelligence officer. I ran the radios, the crypto gear, the teletype and the brain-cell killing spirit duplicator. (Ah, sniff! those were the days). We were the only US Navy personnel in that particular country.
    It wasn’t as exciting as it sounds, just duplicating and distributing PACFLTINTSUMS (Pacific Fleet Intelligence Summaries) with the occasional outgoing classified message supplied by the Intelligence Officer Lieutenant.
    The LT had a poster of Jane Fonda on the wall that we used to throw darts at.
    One day I came in and he had a photograph of a US Naval Officer on the wall, taped over Jane’s and he was throwing darts at that.
    I asked him who that was, and he said the guy was a true American Traitor.
    The name meant nothing to me at the time, and it was many years later that I recognized the guy on the poster: John F. Kerry

  3. Three, count ’em, three purple hearts! All thrown over the fence…well, they were someone else’s, really (I think they belonged to some chap named “Genjis Kahn.”).

  4. Ah yes… Monsieur Jean Fraud Gigolo Goodhair Kerry, the moisturizing metrosexual man of the people, Mr. Charisma, the Politically Correct Easter Island fashion model with Churchill Downs syndrome who by all appearances is quite content to live quite lavishly off his second wife’s first husband’s fortune! How this fcukin guy ever got elected to anything is beyond my comprehension yet here is representing the United States feeling quite at home celebrating the Communists!. Only in the state of Massatwoschitz would a bunch of Politically Correct, self-absorbed, dumbed-down, White guilt-ridden, Gay-obsessed, Prius-driving, coexist bumper-sticker, bottled-water-drinking, granola-eating, celebrity-obsessed, rainbow-plantation, holier-than-thou, Liberal dipshits elect such a hypocritical moron along with a flaming idiot who slobbers more than a sheepdog on Novocain: Bawny Fwank who, amongst his vewy cwose cercle of fwends, is also known as Rip Tanus!

  5. “I feel right at home here.”

    Not surprising. Kerry sees himself as a New World Order, European-style. Insufferably arrogant, but inside his own head he knows he’s right and so that’s OK. Note to Kerry: There Is No “Right” For Everybody except for the basics such as “Don’t murder anybody.”

    Yes, he is a horse’s ass, but if you look closely you’ll find actually he’s the whole dang horse, especially the brain.

  6. John Kerry always looks tired. Must be from constantly using his horsetail to swat away at the flies which constantly land on his ass. Giddyup Douchebag!

  7. Hey! I represent that remark! I’ll have you know that it’s the Soviet Commonwealth of Massivetwoshitz, if you please. We won’t have you talking about our erstwhile Lieutenant Governor and Senator, John “Live Shot” Kerry in that tone of voice! He worked for Michael “T-34” Dukakis after all. Harrumph!

  8. I catch my breath sometimes thinking how close Kerry and Gore came to the Presidency – we got Obama for 8 years as our punishment (and “W” wasn’t much better than a liberal himself).

    It’s like a bad Era of the Roman Empire when they were ruled by a mad emperor put in place by the Praetorians, the corrupt slaves and degenerate Senators.

    The Republic is almost lost beyond recover – we’ll be lucky if this political class doesn’t destroy what’s left in our lifetimes.

  9. I believe that F’n Kerry was collaborating with the North Vietnamese in Paris (while still an Officer in the Naval Reserve). No wonder he feels comfy around the commies.

  10. “The Republic” is dead; I don’t know if there are enough patriots to re-establish it…

    I just don’t know if we can muster the force necessary. I’d sign up…in a purely hypothetical sense/thought experiment kinda’ way…

    Pity, that. I grew up when The Republic was strong.

    We failed to maintain it.

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