John McCain Denies Being BuzzFeed’s Trump Dossier Source

DC: The number of people who could have provided BuzzFeed News with a copy of the infamous Trump dossier is vanishingly small. Only a few people had access to the full document, which consists of 17 memos dated between June 20, 2016 and Dec. 13.

One person who was provided a copy of the salacious document, written by former British spy Christopher Steele, is Arizona Sen. John McCain. But McCain, who has already acknowledged providing an early version of the dossier to former FBI Director James Comey, denied this week that he also gave a version to BuzzFeed, which published it on Jan. 10.

“I gave it to no one except for the director of the FBI. I don’t know why you’re digging this up now,” McCain said during a testy exchange with The Daily Caller on Wednesday.

McCain was asked whether he was BuzzFeed’s source after the Republican’s office declined to answer direct questions on the matter.

Only a few people are known to have had possession of the full 35-page document before BuzzFeed obtained its copy.  MORE

22 Comments on John McCain Denies Being BuzzFeed’s Trump Dossier Source

  1. ALL YOU FOOLS who told me to vote for McCain in 2008 because “You don’t want the democrats to win do you?” owe me a never-ending daily apology.

    I TOLD YOU the guy was a scumbag. “Hold your nose and vote for him!” they said. Nope.

  2. As horrible as McCain is, I am certain he would not have given Iran 30 Billion and the bomb.

    I am on one hand, ashamed to have voted for him. On the other hand, He wasn’t Obama.

  3. I wish I was an Oscar Meyer weneer, That is what I’d really like to be.
    And if I was an Oscar Meyer weener, everyone would be in love with me, ee, e.

  4. I think McCain is up to his neck in corruption. He’s not as sophisticated as the Clintons and I don’t think he is as open but the institute named after him (he says he doesn’t have anything, directly, to do with it) has taken money from Soros and others who are also “donors” to the Clinton Global Foundation.

  5. “I think McCain is up to his neck in corruption.”

    I predict they find him complicit in Hilary’s little UraniumGate. I’ll bet he got his cut too.

  6. Yes, absolutely he’s involved in the U-One deal — though through another path some years ago. Only the hand-off was Iran. I posted this on another thread, asking the question if this was McCains connection:

    “In addition, the institute (McCain Institute) has taken at least $100,000 from a Moroccan state-run company tied to repeated charges of worker abuse and exploitation. The McCain group has also accepted at least $100,000 from the Pivotal Foundation, which was created by Francis Najafi who owns the Pivotal Group, a private equity and real estate firm.

    The Pivotal Foundation has in the last three years given $205,000 to the National Iranian-American Council (NIAC), which has been a vocal advocate for the Iranian nuclear deal the Obama administration negotiated.


    NIAC President Trita Parsi has long been an advocate for Iran, including demanding in May 2017 that President Donald Trump and officials in his administration “cease questioning the integrity of a (nuclear) deal.””

    You’ll want to read the rest:

  7. There’s just no way McCain, the clintons, obamas, and all the senior pols in the congress could have Trump as president with a promise to “drain the swamp.” Imagine, if you will, the scene from “Psycho” when they drag Janet Leigh’s car out of the swamp behind the Bates Hotel. Now multiply that by a couple thousand. We were being run by an international, organized crime syndicate; so large they were too big to audit, too big to mess with. Not any more, they’re not!

  8. That’s one hell of a compound he owns in Sedona. A man of the people. FYI, Kelly Wards under attack. Do your research.

  9. Why do you think the DNC fraudulently swung the GE in clinton’s favor? Called the insider leaking a “hack” and offed Seth Rich? And the funny thing is, most of clinton’s supporters are completely unaware of the real reason her loss was such a disaster to the globalists! LOL! Idiots! They really think the Russians stole the election for Trump. The tragedy is that even once this is made clear, they still won’t understand.

  10. Debbie Wasserman-Shultz was planning on paying extortion money to Imran Awan into perpetuity. Who do you think has all the info on The Swamp on storage devices somewhere in Pakistan? I just read, too, that a lawyer involved in this case tried to give the FBI some other hard drive or lap top instead of the one they asked for. Don’t remember the article now, but everything seems to be coming together rather rapidly. Notice how very quiet everyone is about the DWS/Awan/Congressional email case? Thank you, Frederica Wislon for opening your big yap and bringing attention back to the congressional democrats. Now, would someone please ask her what she thinks of being hacked by her own IT technician.

  11. They need to respond to his “why this now” retorts and reply by
    saying “Well we know you are going cold soon and we’d like an answer”.

    What a piece of shit.

  12. OF COURSE the Hanoi Hilton “Songbird” didn’t leak the fake dossier to anyone and everyone. Ssuuuuuuuurre…. (/sarc)

  13. I voted for McCain because he needed to know how it felt to be responsible for getting this country on the right track only to have his ‘allies’ stab him in the back.


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