John McCain is a warped, frustrated old man

Patriot Retort: I’m sure this won’t come as a big surprise. But John McCain is complaining again.

He’s complaining about President Trump not excoriating Vietnam about its human rights record.

 .@POTUS in #Danang & no mention of human rights – Sad 

And he’s complaining about President Trump wanting to have a working relationship with Russia.

There’s nothing “America First” about taking the word of KGB colonel over US intelligence community. There’s no “principled realism” in cooperating w/ Russia to prop up murderous Assad regime. To believe otherwise is naive & places nat’l security at risk. 


(I guess McCain’s idea of “America First” is arming so-called “rebels” who end up being ISIS.)

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  1. John McCain’s journey to Arlington National Cemetary is way behind schedule. His unofficial disinterment and relocation to hell will be rapid.

  2. There is “Nothing America First” about destroying five us fighter jets, killing 147 innocent US Sailors, wrecking an aircraft carrier, consorting with the enemy, the Keating Five Scandal, the Uranium One scandal, the fake Piss Dossier, and the list goes on… I hope he lives long enough to see himself disgraced and humiliated in front of his family like Pappy Bush the sexual deviant is getting right now.

  3. Well they released Kennedy’s files.

    When will they release McCain’s files from his capture in Vietnam and his cooperation with the enemy?

    May be we can get Ken Burns to do a PBS Special about McCain.

  4. Trump needs to put Congress on ObamaCare immediately!

    … McShitStain will shrivel up like a fly on an attic windowsill

  5. @cato ~ no thanks, if Rug Burns did a documentary on McShitStain, he’d end up being the hero that saved the country by doing all he could to elect Ovomit

  6. There is a perfectly reasonable explanation for much of McCain’s ignorance.

    He is ignorant.

    McCain can only think at a real simplistic level.

    President Trump is looking much further down the road. Trump chooses that action which provides the United States the most benefit in the long run, rather than the short term fix that McCain feels is appropriate*. And usually, that action benefiting the U.S. also benefits the world’s citizens, through a more wide-spread peace, wider-spread freedom, and increased monetary benefits such as more trade.

    *For example, Hillary and McCain were both for eliminating tyrant Kaddafi. But removing Kaddafi unleashed a steady parade of migrants and radicals into Europe that will now ruin Europe.
    Short term, horrible solution: Kill Kaddafi the tyrant
    Longer term thinking would have produced: Let’s work to keep Kaddafi under control, have an orderly replacement for him over time

  7. “@POTUS in #Danang & no mention of human rights – Sad”

    @Maverick in #SenateForLife & covers up truth about POWs left behind after Vietnam war — Criminal

  8. The Dem’s have John talking and complaining about all things Military,
    as he’s they’re new Captain of Fair and Just Military function ! Just ask John and he’ll bring you back to the 60s , because that’s where his memories sit and Fester !

  9. McCain is a demented self-righteous pig
    who should have been court-martialed and
    DISHONORABLY Discharged
    way before his capture as a pow.

  10. Let’s release the USS Forrestal Fire Files. Lots of dead and wounded sailors. No real report on the matter. Just sayin’


    You are right, we couldn’t trust Burns or PBS to truthfully give the real McCain to it’s audience.
    The way Burns portrayed the War between the States and Vietnam, the fabricated history would be written to enshrine the McCain Naval Dynasty and his purported heroism.
    PBS would show where the Black Sheep of the family is dyed White with a broad brush as an American Icon and Statesman. Couldn’t be further than the truth.

  12. This mother fucker and John Kerry are responsible for shutting down the search for Vietnam MIAs and unrecovered KIAs.

    I really hope that tumor of yours is really, really painful.

  13. I remember McCain going there years ago to make trade deals. At the time I thought it was very strange given his experience there. Did he criticize them then?

  14. Trump should ask the Vietnamese for a dossier on McCain.

    Perhaps he did. Perhaps they gave it to him. Trump will tell you all about it when he gets back.

  15. Piece of shit misses the goat BBQs and arming his buddies in north africa to support the CIA rebels killing christians and trying to destabilize Eqypt.

    Phuck you and die.


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