John McCain Laugh Track


Crazy McCain Laughs for 24 Hours Straight!

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  1. I’ll wager that very soon we’ll be the ones laughing for 24 hours! The buzzards are circling John.

  2. I’ve always wondered why he didn’t get veneers. He can certainly afford them. Now I question how often he went for basic cleanings.
    I religiously have 6 mos cleanings. It’s a thing I guess. Not only for personal hygiene but it’s preventative medically too.
    One of my best friends worked in a dental office for several years before moving on to a different profession. She failed to get cleanings for 10 years! (and was a smoker, ugh). She began having health issues and was recommended (among other things) she see a periodontist. Long story short, months of prophylactic treatments, gum surgery and thousands of dollars.


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