John Schneider on rented rioters and hired looters

When people abuse other peoples rights with “hired rioters” they have crossed a line and should be personally and financially responsible for and damage done by their employees.

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10 Comments on John Schneider on rented rioters and hired looters

  1. Most of America feels the same way.

    But if we don’t fight the radicals and their useful idiots, we’re doomed.

  2. had an ‘official’ ‘Dukes Of Hazzard’ car come to a recent Car Rally in my neck of the wood … did not have the Rebel Flag on the roof … of course

    you wouldn’t believe all the negative comments about that omission (well, maybe you would) … brought a warm feeling to my heart to see & hear all that

  3. Omissions my ass. That’s why the made trees. One of the best things in life is a hard thumping car.

  4. He didn’t sound near pissed off enough to me! That’s part of our problem, we are trying to hard to be reasonable. It’s time to be unreasonable. Kind of like that scene in Unforgiven when William Munny, aka, Clint Eastwood told everyone he hadn’t killed yet that if anyone follows him or tries to kill him he would come back and kill their family and friends and burn their house down. At least it was something like that. The antifa guys and the rioters need to believe that is their fate as well.

  5. Lets get realistic, so far we see little in the way of punishment and what the authorities “should” do is meaningless.
    It’s not going to stop while half of those responsible for keeping the peace are out kneeling with the punks.
    Some of these criminals need to feel the wrath of the public to send the message and I mean to the point of requiring mass graves.

  6. “But if we don’t fight the radicals and their useful idiots, we’re doomed.”

    Just be sure to be polite and be nice while you’re doing it.

    Otherwise you might make them mad and that could mean trouble.

    Oh, yeah, be sure you don’t pound too hard on your keyboard while you’re doing it, it mike break and then you couldn’t fight at all.

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