John Solomon Discusses Latest Spygate Developments With Hannity

CTH: John Solomon appears on Fox News Tick-Tock to discuss the latest breaking tick-tock developments deep inside the spygate story.   The bombshell discovery lies within a chain of emails, prior to the FISA application against Carter Page, that includes DOJ and FBI officials discussing the lack of substantiation for the warrant request. [Story Here]

Additionally, Solomon outlines his sources telling him the reasons for President Trump to delay any involvement within the declassification process.  Meaning the sources for Solomon are the same voices advising the President. [Key pointWatch:


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Occam’s Razor: Michael Flynn-

There is a great deal of suspicion and analysis surrounding the latest developments in the Mueller case, or lack thereof, against Michael Flynn.   Consider this a summary addendum to the CTH initial review.  This is the Occam’s Razor that explains some contradictions.

We cannot view these actions through the transactional prism of modern judicial proceedings as they relate to you and me. These are political struggles taking place inside the venue of the legal system. The players use the legal system to game out the optics and narrative of political battles for ideological wins and losses.

Wait.. A.. Minute.. James Comey is scheduled to appear on Friday right?  Now ask yourself: why would the people feeding information to Solomon want him to push this story into the media bloodstream ahead of that testimony?  Wouldn’t earnest investigators prefer to question Comey about these emails without him having time to prepare?….  MORE


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  1. Another month or so and we’ll be done with this. There will be no further need for heads-up limited hangouts, as there will be no more investigations or hearings.

  2. While there will be no more investigations or hearings, there will be no indictments, no repercussions. Just business as usual.

  3. @The Good GENERAL Svejk — Thanks very much! Much more revealing than Sundance’s many pages. And “just the facts, m’am.” Thank you. I do tire of slogging through Sundance’s thought process.

    I’d read some time ago, with no context to hang it all on, that Horowitz was hobbled by the Deep Staters and it would be just more tax money down the rat hole. My question is why wouldn’t Horowitz just call up a sympathetic media outlet and spill the beans on his being thwarted by the people who assigned him? Where was his initiative to see the right thing done?

    And I’m still waiting on anyone trying to get to the bottom of why Susan Rice felt compelled to write herself a CYA email the eve before POTUS Trump’s inauguration.

  4. TO AA
    Thanks. Nice to hear that NOT ALL iOTWr-ers are in the “Tokyo Rose Mindset.”

    I’m about to pitch this site if these “waah! nothin’s gonna happen! we’re screwed!” losers keep their sh!t up: they’ve been programmed by the MSM and others to consider themselves crystal ball readers, and *expect* to have predictions come true when *they* want it. It ain’t so, especially at this level of crime. Deal with facts as is, it’s fine to analyze and look at possibilities…but *not* to consider them facts, much less reality (unless/until they happen).

    As far as the Susan Rice email: I seem to remember people suggesting she thought that, since T-Man was elected, they were all ska-roo’d and she might as well try to lessen her penalty by offering up some evidence (about some meeting, and who attended, if I remember correctly) she suspected was being buried.

    As far as your comment on Horowitz goes: JUST WHAT “sympathetic media outlet”?!? Obama sh!t-canned all of Horowitz’s previous work and made sure others “contained” him…why would the Obama-licking media do any differently? And, even if you meant Fox, I suspect they wouldn’t have had the guts to run with much if any of it (I don’t remember just when the Murdock boys took over the reins)…and Fox is the ONLY “sympathetic” outlet with mainstream outreach (i.e. it would have been meaningless to leak it to alt-media sources…Drudge may have been able to do it in the 1990s, but…).

  5. Okay, after listening to Solomon respond to Hannity’s question about why the President is delaying revealing/unredacting this info, I think I understand the motive/strategy — and it makes sense. And it also explains why POTUS Trump said what he said about “If they want to play that game…” In other words he’s telling Mueller to wrap it up and come to an honest conclusion (that there was no Russian collusion with the Trump campaign), or else. POTUS — with the help of Nunes et al, have boxed Mueller into corner.

    But here, I think, is the best part — the most “Trumpiest” part: Mueller must conclude his fraudulent investigation with a 100% honest conclusion (how can he not in light of the fact that the entire Russian collusion story hinged on what was known to be false evidence?), or Mueller himself will be subject to prosecution when POTUS releases (which I believe he must) this information. POTUS must act on — or cause the AG to act on — this info because it is the linchpin to Obama’s and Clinton’s felonious attempt to derail their political opponent’s legitimate campaign and interfere in an important U.S. election.

    Just because the crooks, liars and miscreants can change the rules and break the rules within their own political party structure, they cannot be allowed to do the same when it comes to our elections. That is the crime that cannot go unpunished.

  6. TO AA
    Likely. Mueller knows he is *not* working within the Obama/Hillary Crime Syndicate Power framework any longer…and likely suspects the Trump Administration has evidence of Mueller’s own illegal dealings in the matters (“good behavior” = reduced sentence).

    p.s. possible additional (only partly related) info here
    [SNOWFLAKE WARNING: writer makes reference to some Q posts]

  7. @the Good GENERAL Svejk (Svejk, for short):

    I agree with your “sympathetic media” assessment. That’s why I didn’t name any particular one. LOL! It’s a sad, sad day in our land to realize that the entire media complex — of all stripes — is flying the flag of treason against America. Sadder, still, that even some of the so-called alt-media are complicit (for whatever reasons).

  8. Shame on you Jeff Sessions.

    Your weak spine and lack of moral courage may well allow these scumbags to never be held to account.

    Sir, you’ve done incalculable damage to this republic.

  9. My country still sucks.
    Justice delayed and the blood of patriots swept under the rugs. Funereal circuses, depraved scoundrels allowed their ‘dignity’ and their rich pensions.

    Just put it all on our tabs.

    God couldn’t possibly bless any of this garbage.

  10. TO Anonymous
    “My country still sucks.” – Anonymous
    SO: F*ck off and die. NOW.

    You are the TEXTBOOK EXAMPLE of
    foreign DEFEATISM influencing DOMESTIC MORALE.

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