John Stossel Sues Facebook’s Fact-Checkers for Defamation


Conservative-libertarian journalist John Stossel suing Facebook for two million dollars is a good start — but only a start.

Variety reported late last week that the popular TV and internet personality seeks damages of no less than $2 million for defamtion via the company’s fact-checking system.

The suit, filed in the Northern District of California court by Dhillon Law Group, asks:

Do Facebook and its vendors defame a user who posts factually accurate content, when they publicly announce that the content failed a “fact-check” and is “partly false,” and by attributing to the user a false claim that he never made?

“The answer,” the suit states, “is yes.” more

5 Comments on John Stossel Sues Facebook’s Fact-Checkers for Defamation

  1. In a just country he would win and win hard enough to put them out of business and on the streets. Let’s see how this goes down.

  2. @ JD,
    Don’t get too excited as we are living in a banana republic. As long as the alphabet organizations exist and have the ability to kill those who resist we are lost.

  3. The REAL fact is that facebook doesn’t have anyone on their bogus fact-checking krap staff who has a legit degree regarding forensic or cultural anthropology, theology degree, science degree, medical degree, law degree, literature degree, political science degree, marketing degree, advertising degree, childcare degree et al. They do, however, engage laughable fakers snopes which employs a pole-humping $5 crakhed-skank hooker and her pymp who was arrested for soliciting prostitutes.

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