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Johnny Baster Seed

A girl discovers she has 48 half-siblings and rather than celebrate father’s day she holds an annual “sperm donor sibling” reunion to get to know the relatives. turkey-baster

 The man of the hour is still MIA.

 “He was a farmer who spread his seed far and wide.”




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  1. “I feel like a really big misconception is that we kind of lack something,” says Kinsey, who came with her moms. “I don’t miss having a father, because I never really needed one.”

    Right there. Get back to all of us when you’re 35 or so and are fretting over that whole fatherhood/family members thing with your own children.

  2. Actions have consequences. Your mother decided of her own free will to have conception with a turkey baster. Unfortunately, now you have to live with the results. Hopefully, you won’t repeat your mother’s mistakes. Maybe, if you’re so worried about in-breeding, you won’t have ANY children.

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