Johnny Damon says Major League Baseball Players Are Scared To Go To Baltimore

TMZ– (with video)

Johnny Damon is going to bat for Donald Trump … saying toward the end of his baseball career — he and his teammates were straight-up scared to go out on the town in Baltimore.

Of course, Trump has found himself in hot water this week for comments he made about the Maryland city — ones in which he called Baltimore a “rodent-infested mess.”

Damon says he thinks Trump’s choices of words were a little harsh … but he tells TMZ Sports he agrees with 45 — saying back when he played in the MLB, he didn’t love hitting the road there.

“He’s not wrong,” Damon says … “Baltimore was one of the best places to visit when I broke into the league in ’95. And, at the end, we didn’t really, like, enjoy going back.”

Damon — who’s been an outspoken Trump supporter for years — added, “Towards the end, it started getting a little scarier.”

Johnny says Trump’s comments will actually HELP the city .. telling us he thinks the criticism should lead to a change in the area.

“I think Baltimore is a great town, and this is raising awareness and hopefully they can go in and spend the hard tax-paying dollars to actually make a difference.”


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  1. Johnny Damon just admits he was afraid of the Baltimore O’s … since he hasn’t played there in over 6 years

    otoh … as an Orioles fan since 1964, I won’t go there anymore either

    btw, have you ever gone to the Bronx by subway from Penn Station to see the Yankees?
    … & I guarantee you there are more rats in NYC than Baltimore … but we’re bantering semantics

    never a Captain Caveman fan

  2. Until Baltimore has Baseball Bat registration the ball players should each grab a bat from work and travel in a large crowd.

  3. don’t get me wrong … glad he’s for Trump & I agree w/ him that Trump’s love of this country will do much more to make us even greater than any ‘program’ that any D’rat Socialist will come up with.

    frankly, I think the D’rat Socialists, by attacking Obozo, have buried their own agenda … they attack their past failures (as they always have done w/ every socialist government/society) & say that they have a better socialist solution
    hasn’t worked in 10,000 years of recorded history … how many times does this failure need to be repeated?

  4. “Of course, Trump has found himself in hot water…”

    There’s my TMZ. Some might say that Cummings is the one who’s simmering, but not my TMZ. They’ll leave that to the comments.

  5. If Trump was not in hot water with the libs I’d be pissed off. Don’t let up President Trump, were are right here along side you!

  6. But those are CUTE rats in that pic. No?

    We are not here to break up families. Are we?

    Everyone needs to eat.

  7. There’s nothing great about Baltimore… except it’s a fucking cesspool. It was (I haven’t been there since 1998) a diseased shithole. There was refuse in every alley — shit and needles, crackheads abound, and the teeming millions of sub 80 IQ shitbombs. It wasn’t just the drug addicts who were retarded — they were ALL fucked up.

    Who in his right mind would wake up to another day in Baltimore? That was the only place (knock on wood) I ever had a gun pulled on me by a civilian.

    It was early 1997 I was down by the docks. A Mailman ran me down and crossed vehicle bumpers with me. He said, “What are you doing here?”

    I said, “I’m here to fix some broken telephone shit”.

    He said, “You NEED to get the fuck out of here. Now.”

    “I’m a Bell dude, see my hat?”

    “They think you are a cop, and will kill you.”

    Not a week later I was on a pole for a second line…

    “You are a cop and cut off my TeeVee!”

    “I’m telco, I ain’t cut shit!”

    Sure enough I had a gun pulled on me.

    Why would a cop cut off your glorious TV? I never figured that out. That day I told John Heinline I’d never return. Get me to the counties or I quit. He got me to the counties.

  8. used to be a great time to go to Fells Point & dine on some delicious cousine & have a taste of great varieties of local brew, then go across the walkway to Camden Yards & enjoy a Major League baseball game

    … no more … you have to battle the feral ‘hood rats hawking junkware just to get to the stadium … while brushing off the junior Freddy Grey’s coercing for $$$ to watch your car … after the game, you hurry a block or 3, to find your get-away car to flee robbery, assault as fast as you can ….
    a crowning achievement to an evening that has cost you over $400 … great times!

  9. My husband and I went to Baltimore ten years ago and I was scared and uncomfortable, and we were on the waterfront in the tourist area. Never will go back. And I’m from Atlanta, so I should have built up some immunity.

  10. If you take the train from D.C. to New York, you go past Baltimore, and even from the tracks it looks like you’re passing through Somalia.

    What a wretched dump!

  11. So Johnny D thinks…”spending hard the hard tax-paying dollars will help”…..ROFLMAO.
    What does he think they did with the $16 BBBillion fed dollars they have received.


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