‘Join us,’ West Virginia governor urges pro-gun, pro-Trump Virginia counties

Washington Examiner-

The governor of West Virginia, in a stunning move that echoes the Civil War-era creation of his state, on Tuesday invited Virginia counties upset with Richmond’s liberal, anti-gun turn to shift borders and join his state.

“If you out there, no matter where you be, Virginia or wherever you may be, as an individual or a business or whatever, West Virginia is waiting for you with open arms,” said Gov. Jim Justice.

“Our state supports personal freedom, and we value the Second Amendment and the rights of the unborn. Come join us. You will never regret it,” he added at a press conference in Martinsburg, West Virginia, 13 miles from the border with a Virginia county where some officials are open to joining West Virginia.

He also said that West Virginia embraces President Trump, who is despised by many federal workers in Northern Virginia that have a big impact on statewide elections. “We should be thankful for all he’s done,” he said.

Justice’s statement endorsing secession was an unexpected but ringing endorsement of legislation before the West Virginia legislature that would let Virginia border counties join the state.

It has become such a hot topic along the border that the White House and President Trump are paying attention to it, according to sources.

It was offered as a long-shot package by Republican Del. Gary Howell after the Virginia voters put their legislature in Democratic hands for the first time in years. In just a few weeks, they have voted for several liberal initiatives including gun control, prompting a massive 22,000-strong, pro-gun rally at the capital in Richmond.

Howell now has 40 of 100 delegates as co-signers, and the legislation has jumped in importance. read more

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  1. West Virginia was un-Constitutionally founded in the first place, so if parts of Virginia want to rejoin her, it shouldn’t cause any legal problems.
    (what they’re gonna do about their teeth is anybody’s guess)

    izlamo delenda est …

  2. didja hear about the tornadoes in West Virginia?… they did $2 million worth of improvements…….. badumm ting!

  3. Womder if they would be allowed to by either Virginia or the Federall government?

    Be good if they could and did as it would shift power in Congress by redistricting Congressional districts and recounting populations for the number of representatives allowed to each State. At least that’s how I think it would work.

  4. …West Virginia exists because, when it was part of Virginia, the people in the Western part wanted no truck with the slavery that Democrats were promoting in the East, and the Eastern Democrat were ignoring their needs that were very different because of the geography, so they didn’t see any purpose that was served by remaining with self-centered, agenda-driven Democrat leaders who saw people as slaves, so they split.

    Democrats have this fundamental problem where they think other people’s God given rights are theirs to withhold.

    …and now, history repeats. Democrats ALWAYS find slaves easier to deal with when disarmed, so it begins again…

    …this SHOULD be a REAL easy call for folks in westERN Virginia, the part underneath WEST Virginia.

    I have family in both places, and they’re pretty much the same anyway. The money is made in both places with coal, and Democrats HATE coal, so they hate working people in BOTH places who make their LIVING with coal, who ALSO fuel the REST of us.

    …They’d be joining with peoples who are like long-lost brothers, physically, financially, politically, and tempermentally. I won’t say that all is well in Appalachia, but they DO believe you should take care of your OWN family, mind your OWN business, and have your OWN gun to defend yourself.

    ..it’s not a place that the eastern effete Democrat ruling classes would survive for long, which just makes them hate all the more.

    Life required EFFORT and has CHALLENGES. Even just DRIVING up and down the hills, you need to be alert for the awesome sound of a fully-loaded coal truck Jake-braking down the hill towards you as you navigate the no-guardrail slopes thousands of feet up, because HE ain’t stopping or slowing…he CAN’T…so YOU either make like the Dukes of Hazard and go tearing down the mountain YOURSELF, or you become a sailcat and someone ELSE has to come claim your compressed corpse.

    The third option is, you go over the side into the waiting gully that’s been there since the continents collided, and will be there long after your greatest of grandchildren are dust. In THAT case, no one’s ever gonna know WHAT happened to you, ’cause no one lives there and the coal truck driver can’t stop even IF he sees you, so you’ll just become another legend of the hills…

    …Even death is hard. We had to bury one of my wife’s aunts in a tiny town out around Pennington Gap, and we had to have a 4WD vehicle to be able to go to the family cemetery that was on top of a hill that lost its peak from mining years ago, and mountain folk don’t waste, so the small plateau is now a boneyard. This is so commom that the funeral home had a 4WD hearse for that reason too. Gravel road at a sharp upwards angle, don’t slow down or you’re gonna slide backwards into the mourners behind you, 4WD or no 4WD. They have to keep the graves towards the middle so edge erosion doesn’t exhume anyone.

    …mountain life and death isn’t easy. There’s a lot more to it than spending other people’s money, ruling other people’s lives, and hating them for not being willing slaves. People in West Virginia know this and respect this.

    Westen Virginia, Richmond Democrats offers you nothing but the back of the Master’s hand.

    Don’t be their slaves AGAIN.

    Secede. Take your money, your guns, and your votes with you. Let the slavers try to make something out of the unproductive people they are left to rule.

    And keep your powder dry.

    …for a time may come when we are called to march on Richmond once again…

  5. SECEDE.

    It’s the only way to achieve sanity. Make W. Virginia a sanctuary state for guns and the unborn, build a wall around it.

    I’m glad people are finally coming to their senses.

  6. …and thanks to everyone who enjoys a good West Virginia stereotype. Everyone in WVA has bad teeth and lives in a valueless shack. Got it.

    Hey, you skipped “inbred”, g’wan, do that one, too.

    …Don Lemon would be so proud…

  7. Had a vacation home in central WV (80 miles north of Charleston) for six years until I moved there, from the DC area, to live 24/7. Love it!!

    Have had large gardens in KY, MD and AL. But, nothing beats living in a valley surrounded by mountains that have dumped its nutrients there over millions of years.

    Beautiful Black Gold soil! Looking at the the 7th year garden in WV already primed with peach and pear trees.

    Love the people! Very caring, God-fearing, hard-working people.
    Like living with a family.

    And, BTW, their teeth are in good shape.

    Will be looking forward to any new neighbors.

  8. Kinda working backwards on that 57 states, huh Barry?
    It would be hilarious if what’s left of VA is so tiny it’s a district without electoral votes-having given them up to W. Va

  9. pianamusic
    JANUARY 29, 2020 AT 11:59 AM
    “Had a vacation home in central WV (80 miles north of Charleston) for six years until I moved there, from the DC area, to live 24/7. Love it!!”

    …My family hails from the Fairmont/Morgantown area up the road from you, had a great aunt that had a farm there too and you’re right, beautiful country.

    Not a lot of jobs, though.

    That’s why my folks left, and why I am not from there. Always been that way, unfortunately.

    …well, my mother didn’t like the hills in the winter, either. Still doesn’t. Says she’s pretty happy with being a (relatively) flatlander every time it snows…

    …anyway, my folks are both WVa alumni, so I’ll say it for them…

    (They never do).

    God Bless,

  10. Be kool if all of Virginia (except Alexandria, Arlington, and Fairfax(?)) moved over to West (by gawd) Virginia.
    Let Northam be dictator and tyrant of a rump (heh, heh) state.
    (that’d be more better’n killin all o’em, y’all)

    izlamo delenda est …


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