Jonathan Turley — ‘Trump lawyers landed a haymaker on Raskin and Swalwell’

Quick hit from Democrat Jonathan Turley.

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  1. This asshole has been compromised by a Communist Chinese spy – he’s poison to our nation. Yet, he’s a Pelosi favorite. She’s just as poisonous.

    We need to get the fuck out – and take all that is ours.

  2. So What? The Swalwell guy was compromised by a CCP honeypot spy and is still on the Intelligence Committee.

    Landing a haymaker on this turd is not a challenge and the low information voters aren’t watching anyway.

  3. The work of exposing and disciplining those who engineered this coup and everyone who helped them is a much bigger job than mere mortals can undertake. Keep watching and praying for divine justice.

  4. “Keep watching and praying for divine justice.”

    You might want to review the Bible and the standards and punishments for violating them that it sets forth before you pray for divine justice.

    Have you considered that Biden and the Leftist rule of our country, a country that has not only defied God but suppressed worship of him, actually is divine justice being meted out to us?

    I hear, over and over again, people calling for God to take action when what they are calling for is not the fulfillment of his will but for him to do their bidding against those they consider their enemies, like some kind of Harry Potter magic wand they can wield for themselves to accomplish their own ends.

    Divine justice is what was seen in the days of Noah, in the days of Lot. Call for repentance of the American people and a return to seeking his governance, not the destruction of political enemies, so it isn’t given to us as well.

  5. Anonymous — No need to be insulting. Yes, repent of your sins, be obedient to God and seek his mercy. Pray and petition him for his justice. Not a “Harry Potter” sort of proposition at all.

  6. Oh, and welcome to first century Christianity. The days of Noah and Lot, not to mention the persecution of Christians (no lions yet, but I shouldn’t be surprised), are upon us.

  7. That divine justice will happen shortly after you see the Abomination of Desolation as spoken of by Daniel the prophet.

  8. Swallow-well must have Crypt Keeper Nancy on video drunk out of her mind otherwise why would she keep such a fool on any committee?
    Try to imagine the intellengence level of anyone who would vote for these people. Take your pick.

    “According to British legal stature, an idiot is an individual with an IQ of less than 20, an imbecile has an IQ of between 20 and 49, and a moron an IQ between 50 and 69.”

    I’m going with they’re Idiots.

  9. Everyone knows the votes aren’t there. This team did a great job of shaming the impeachment managers and doing it during live coverage.

    Makes me wonder the reason for the first team of lawyers to get fired/quit. Maybe the first team didn’t understand the value of beating the media at their own game like President Trump does?

  10. Every president continues to hold that title. Why does Turkey correct his “President Trump, to ‘former President.

    If President Trump’s legal team continue use of ‘former’, they reinforce the left’s claims!

  11. Turley misses the point. If Trump said or did it, it is horrendous. If a Democrat did the exact same thing, it is Devine wisdom. When will he learn that? We are not talking about a trial here, we are talking about a witch hunt.

    It could be proven that Trump’s speech was a Democratic product of CGI and that Trump had laryngitis that day and did not say anything and the Dems would still vote “guilty.”


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